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Star Health Insurance Plans - Compare and Buy

Started in 2006, Star Health Insurance Company is an undertaking between four companies that have their base in UAE, Singapore, and India. The Indian companies that are a part of the venture are Tata Capitals and ICICI Ventures and Fund management. 

With a wide network of hospitals and a good number of awards and accolades, the company has set a reputation in the field of health insurance. 

Star Health Insurance Features and Benefits

Star Health Insurance offers a wide gamut of Star Health Mediclaim Plans and other health insurance plans with unique features. These features are a part of different plans.  A few of them are briefed below.

Most Star Health mediclaim plans can be renewed for a lifetime. They also offer lifelong coverage.
It covers most pre-existing  diseases after a waiting period of four years
Some plans cover room rent expenses at 2% of total sum insured. 
The total network of hospitals under Star Health Insurance Company is more than 8200 across India.

Star Health Insurance Company Plans 

A brief on some of the most sought-after Star Health Mediclaim plans are given below. 

i. Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

This is a single policy for the entire family. You can get extra sum insured without an extra cost. There is a health check-up benefit for every year there is no claim. This plan covers newborn babies from the sixteenth day and also covers assisted reproductive technique. 

ii. Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan for Senior Citizens

This Star Health Mediclaim plan is for people aged between 60 years to 75 years. The waiting period for pre-existing diseases is just one year.  This plan also covers OPD consultations in the network hospitals. The renewals are for a lifetime and the coverage offered is up to Rs 10 lakhs.

iii. Comprehensive Insurance Plan

This plan by Star Health Insurance is a reputed one offering a lot of benefits. With this plan, there is no limit for coverage offered towards treatment cost and room rent.  The other benefits offered are:

Air ambulance coverage during emergency
Coverage for Dental OPD and ophthalmic OPD consultations
Offers maternity coverage and even covers newborn
Coverage for several daycare procedures (approximately more than 400)
Offers personal accident cover against disability and death (there is no additional cost for this coverage)

iv. Individual Medi-Classic Insurance Policy

This individual Star Health Mediclaim plan offers interesting benefits like coverage for close to 101-day care procedures. Customers can avail a no claims bonus of 5% for every claim free year up to 25%. Customers can also choose optional covers such as patient care cover and hospital cash. 

v. Super Surplus Policy

This is a top-up plan by Star Health Insurance. This plan provides a higher sum insured and the premium is affordable. The pre-existing diseases are covered after a three year wait and no screening is required before policy confirmation.  Customers can also avail this plan on a floater basis. 

vi. Star Unique Health Plan

The policy term of this Star Health Mediclaim plan is only two years. The post-hospitalization coverage is paid as a lump sum (only up to the limit specified in the policy brochure). Pre-hospitalization charges covered for thirty days prior to hospitalization. The waiting period for coverage of pre-existing disease is 11 months and the plan also covers ambulance charges for emergency hospitalization. 

vii. Diabetes Safe Plan

This is a specialty policy by Star Health Insurance that covers expenses related to hospitalization for diabetic complications. Certain benefits of the policy include:

Accidental death compensation for the insured
Coverage for the donor in case of a kidney transplantation
Coverage of dialysis expenses (terms apply)
Limited coverage for amputation of limbs
Two plans available namely Plan A and Plan B
Plan A has pre-acceptance screening medically and no waiting period
Plan B has no pre-acceptance screening medically and a 15 month waiting period

viii. Cardiac Care Insurance Plan

This plan is for people with any existing cardiac disease who have undergone correction or surgery. There are two plans namely Gold plans and Silver Plan. The other aspects covered under the plan include:

Hospitalization charges for cardiac ailments
Outpatient charges
Personal accident cover and accidental death cover also covered
More than 405 daycare procedures covered

ix. Cancer Care Gold Plan

This plan by Star Health Mediclaim is amongst the first health plans for people diagnosed with cancer. This is a pilot product by Star Insurance Company. The eligibility is from 5 months to 65 years. The benefits include:

Coverage of 50% of sum insured for second malignancy or metastasis that is not related to the existing cancer
Regular cover for illness and accident that are not related to cancer
No medical tests required for acceptance

Other Plans by Star health mediclaim include:

x. Wedding Gift Insurance
xi. Net Plus Plan
xii. Micro Insurance Policy
xiii. Critic Care Plus Insurance Plan
xiv. Family Delite Insurance Plan
xv. Star Special Care Plan

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