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Star Health Insurance - Know your Claim Status

When one considers buying a health insurance plan there are a number of things that one needs to take into consideration. For instance, one should look up the claim settlement ratio and how to check insurance claim status, like Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status.

The hallmark of a good health insurance plan is that the claim process is simple, streamlined, and quick. This article explains everything that one should know about Star Health Insurance claim status.

About Star Health Insurance 

Star Health Insurance is an extensive network of hospitals with over 5,400 hospitals. For this reason, this insurance provider is able to provide seamless service to claimants and ensures that policyholders do not face any inconvenience related to settling bills.

Types of Claims 

Star Health Insurance provides two types of claims that include cashless treatment and reimbursement. Each of the two options has been discussed in the following sections. 

Cashless Treatment 

Policyholders can avail cashless treatment under the Star Health Insurance plan. When the bill is generated then it must be send across to the insurance company and the policyholder need not pay for anything.

What is the Process of Filing a Claim for Cashless Treatment?

The next question that will arise in one’s mind is how a policyholder can file a claim for cashless treatment. The steps involved in filing a claim for cashless treatment are as follows:

Policyholder should carry member car or have the policy number or member ID to be given to the network hospital.
Policyholder should call the number 1800-425-2255 for planned or emergency hospitalization and fax pre-authorization form to the either of the following numbers 1800-425-5522 or 044-28302200. 
Policyholder should furnish personal details and policy ID or member ID at the hospital’s insurance desk and fill out the pre-authorization form in the customer’s section.
The request will be reviewed and the hospital will initiate Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status that includes approval, pending approval, or rejected to the policyholder.
In cases where Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status is pending, the insurance company will contact the hospital and in cases where the claim is rejected the policyholders can opt for the reimbursement option.

What is the Claims Process to Receive Cashless Treatment?

For a policyholder to receive cashless treatment they would need to follow the claims process. The steps involved in the claims process include the following steps:

After the policyholder has filled up the pre-authorization form and submitted to the hospital, it will be processed. 
Next, a field doctor will be assigned to the policyholder to help with the hospitalization process.
One submitting the pre-authorization form, all communication to the bill settlement will be taken care of by Star Health Insurance. 
However, if certain expenses are beyond the policy or are not covered then the policyholder will be informed about this before or after he or she is discharged from the hospital. 

How will the Treatment Expenses be Reimbursed?

It might not always be possible to go in for cashless treatment. In such situations, the policyholder can pay the bills out-of-pocket and furnish the bills to the insurer for reimbursement.

What are the Details Required to File a Claim for Reimbursement?  

The details required to file a reimbursement for a claim include:

Policyholder’s name 
Customer id and name of the claimant
Hospital details
Diagnosis and treatment details
Approximate claim amount
Admission date

What are the Hospital Details Required to be Submitted?

Policyholders can download the claim form from the insurer’s website and have to provide the following documents as well. 

Original claim form, completely filled, and signed.
Any valid, government approved photo ID.
Referral letter from a medical practitioner recommending hospitalization of the policyholder.
Original receipts, bills, and discharge card from hospital. 
Original receipts or bills from pharmacies for medication purchased. 
Original receipts or bills for tests and reports. 

Once all the documents listed are duly sent to the insurance company by post the claims process can be initiated. 

What is the Claims Process to Receive Reimbursements?

In order to initiate the reimbursement process, policyholders need to follow these steps:

Star Health Insurance will review the case along with the documents received. 
If everything is in order, the claim will be approved and the funds will be processed between 7 to 10 days and the policyholder will be notified as well.
If the request remains incomplete then the insurer will ask the claimant to produce the required details at the earliest.

How to Check Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status?

The process to check a policyholder’s Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status is as follows:

Visit the Start Heath Insurance website:
Go to the Claims Corner.
Select Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status.
Fill up the intimation number and id card number.
Click “Submit”.
The Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status will be displayed.

Checking Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status couldn’t be any easier. And policyholders need to worry about the claims process but following the steps mentioned in this article.

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