Friday, 28 July 2017

Keep Your Health Worries at a Bay with Oriental Insurance Health Plans

With increasing lifestyle diseases, having a health insurance plan is an augment. The hefty medical bills for considerably small to large illness always a pain and may drain you financially. Finally, you end up burning a hole in your savings. With escalating medical expenses, you even compromise on the quality of health care when it comes to affordability. The importance of a health plan is realised here, which cover you or your family in a critical health condition and you don’t require to compromise on the quality.

With the health insurance market dominating by various leading insurance companies, Oriental Insurance Company has joined the race with various insurance products. Oriental insurance medicalim is one of them, which has started gaining attention from the customers due to the benefits and services offered. There is a sneak peek on various health insurance plans offered by the company. 

Types of Health Plans Offered by Oriental Insurance Company
  • ·         Oriental Insurance Individual Health Policy
  • ·         Oriental Insurance Group Policy
  • ·         Happy Family Floater Health Insurance Policy
  • ·         Overseas Mediclaim policy
  • ·         Health of Privileged Elders
  • ·         Jan Arogya Policy
  • ·         PNB Oriental Royal Mediclaim
  • ·         Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana


Plan Name
Sum Assured
Pre & Post Hospitalisation Terms
Pre-existing Ailment Cover
Oriental Insurance Individual Health Policy

·         Avail family discount if more members are included in the policy
·         Hospitalisation costs, ambulance costs, ICU expense, consultation fee, surgeon fee, anaesthesia, specialist fee are covered, blood, operation theatre costs, oxygen etc.
·         Daily hospital cost
·         In case of person beyond 65 years old, no medical check-up is required
·         Lifelong renewability
·         Personal accidental cover on optional basis
50,000 to 5 lakh
Pre hospitalisation expense for 30 days prior to the hospitalisation and 60 days post hospitalisation is provided.
Pre-existing illness are covered after a waiting period of 4 years
Oriental Insurance Group Policy

·         Hospitalisation costs for a minimum of 24 hours, ambulance costs, ICU expense, consultation fee, surgeon fee, anaesthesia, specialist fee are covered, blood, operation theatre costs, oxygen etc.
·         Ambulance costs
·         Hospitalisation cost incurred by an organ donor

Pre hospitalisation expense for 30 days prior to the hospitalisation and 60 days post hospitalisation is provided.
Pre-existing illness are covered after a waiting period of 3 years
Happy Family Floater Health Insurance Policy

·         Maternity costs are covered
·         Organ donor benefit is available when policyholder is the donor
·         New born baby coverage
·         Day care facilities
·         Daily hospital allowance
·         Domiciliary hospitalisation expenses
·         Personal accidental cover
1.5 to 10 lakh
Pre-existing illness are covered after a waiting period of 4 years
Overseas Mediclaim policy

INR 50,000 to 5 lakh
Pre-existing illness are covered after a waiting period of 4 years
Health of Privileged Elders

·         Hospitalisation expenses, ICU cost, Surgeon cost, consultation fee, X-ray, Oxygen, Operation Theatre Expenses, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Anaesthesia, artificial limbs etc.
·         Domiciliary hospitalisation costs
·         No Claim Discount
·         Cashless benefit through TPA up t INR 1 lakh

INR 1 to 5 lakh
Only covers critical diseases
Jan Arogya Policy

·         Domiciliary hospitalisation benefit
·         Hospitalisation costs if admitted for 24 hours or more
·         Day care treatment
·         Expenses of blood test, oxygen, anaesthesia, X-ray, Dialysis, pacemaker, medicines & drugs, radiotherapy etc.
INR 5000 PA
Pre hospitalisation expense for 30 days prior to the hospitalisation and 60 days post hospitalisation expense is provided.
Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana

·         Personal accident benefit
·         Hospitalisation expense
·         Ayurvedic / Homoeopathic / Unani treatment, Hospitalisation expenses are
·         covered only if the patient is admitted to a Government Hospital

Up to INR 10 lakh
Pre-existing illness are covered after a waiting period of 4 years

With skyrocketing inflation, it is hard to find best health care at an affordable or cheapest price. So it is better to have a good health insurance plan with maximum coverage. With Oriental Insurance health plans, you need not worry about the additional expenses or to compromise on the quality of health care. For detail information, you can browse over company’s official website! 

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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Everything you Need to Know About New India Assurance Top-up Plans

Benefits and Features of New India Assurance Top-up Plans

Top-up plans by New India Assurance are a blessing in disguise. It offers various benefits and features to the policyholders which are mentioned below.

  1. This plan covers the expense incurred by in-patient hospitalization all over India.
  2. This plan is applicable only when the total sum of the hospitalization expenses (excluding pre and post hospitalization charges) for the members of the insurance, exceeds the threshold as mentioned in the insurance plan.
  3. This plan responds for every hospitalization in case the threshold has been exhausted by previous hospitalization charges as per the sum insured stated in the insurance plan.
  4. The Sum Insured is the liability of the insurance provider for all the policy members.
  5. This plan offers safety in excessive of any health insurance policy that an Insured might have.
  6. In case there are any charge in excessive of Threshold, that is receivable from any other company, the Insured has an alternative to recover that from either that company or this plan. He can’t select both of the plans.
  7. The sum insured as per this plan will be above any reimbursement that is received from any other company if such amount exhausts the threshold.

Who can buy the Insurance Plan?
·         Any individual who fulfills the eligibility criteria mentioned below.
·         The person may or may not have any other medical Insurance plan.
·         This plan can be bought in an addition to any other medical insurance plan.

Eligibility Criteria
The plan can be purchased for an Individual or floater plan. The floater basis can cover up to 6 family members. In case the plan is issued on an Individual sum insured basis, then the separate document would be issued to every insured person.A family is inclusive of self, spouse, dependent children and dependent parents.

Entry Age
For Proposer- 18 years - 65 years of age.
For Other members - 3 months - 65 years of age.

Medical Screening
The following test would be carried for the initial medical screening.


The tests mentioned above will be conducted and the proposer will have to bear its cost. In case the proposal is approved then, the insurer will reimburse 50 percent of these expenses.

Coverage Type
Sum Insured
Rs. 5,00,000
Following are the incurred hospitalization charges that will be considered for defining the threshold under the plan.

·         The hospitalization should have taken place when the policy is active.
·         The Insured person should have been admitted as an inpatient as outpatient medical treatments aren’t considered.
·         The hospitalization must take place for any Illness or Injury.
Pre and post hospitalization expenses aren’t considered.

Friday, 7 July 2017

How to save on your car insurance with Bajaj Allianz?

Bajaj Allianz Insurance company is the best insurance policy provider in the insurance market it understands the value of the life when you are driving your car. There are several benefits and coverage that are covered under car insurance policy provided by Bajaj Allianz Insurance Company. It is known for satisfying its customers and became the well-known brand in Indian insurance market. Car insurance provides coverage against several unfortunate events that you might meet while driving a car, for example, personal accidental coverage, third party liability and damage to its own car or third party property. Let us see some of the common benefits and coverage provided under Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance below:

1.) Own Damage

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance covers the loss or damage due to natural calamities for example damage incurred due to earthquake, lightning, flood, storm, hailstorm, landslide and man-made calamities like fire, explosion, theft, burglary and terrorist acts, rail, road, air, lift or inland waterway.

2.) Liability to Third Parties

Car insurance provided by Bajaj Allianz Company bears all the expenses arises due to an injury, death or damage to property of a third party in a car accident involving the vehicle of the policyholder. It also covers the expenses incurred due to the damage or loss to the property of the third party.

3.) Personal Accident Cover

This is one of the major requirements of customer while buying the insurance policy. Bajaj Allianz Insurance provides financial aid in case the policyholder meets and accident. It provides cashless hospitalization and sum insured to the nominee in case of death or permanent disability.

Some Other benefits offered under Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

Cashless Facility

Bajaj Allianz allows you to experience the convenience of cashless claim settlement for your vehicle’s repair. It has tied up with more than 4000 network garages. You can also avail the benefit of 75% of expenses incurred due to repair at your preferred garage where the cashless facility is unavailable.

Accidental Coverage

This policy provides coverage to the driver of the insured vehicle in case of a personal accident. It pays the expenses incurred in treatment and also pays the sum assured to the nominee in case the driver of the vehicle dies due to the accident.

While buying a Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance plan you must consider the following coverage under the plan:

Car insurance is very useful for the protection of your car against any unfortunate event like accident, theft that can cause damage or loss to the vehicle or death or injury to the drive. It offers protection against third party liability, personal accident and damage incurred to own car. Some comprehensive plans also offer extra benefits like it covers the damage caused to co-passengers, hospitalization expenses incurred due to death or injury to the driver of the car in an accident. Let see in detail how car insurance product help protects the insured car:

 Third Party Liability

Third party liability is a type of car insurance which protects the third party in case your vehicle causes any damage or loss to the vehicle of the third party in the accident. It also covers the third party hospitalization expenses in case he meets any injury in the accident. Third party car insurance is mandatory by law in India. It covers all the expenses incurred due to hospitalization and damage to the vehicle of the third party. Car insurance company has a wide network of service providers for example towing services, garages, hospitals. These service providers help the policyholder and insured vehicle to avail the cashless facility.

Personal Accident Coverage

Comprehensive plans offer a different type of benefits and coverage under one policy. It covers the third party liability and personal accident under the single car insurance plan. Apart from third party liability, it covers the hospitalization expenses incurred due to any unfortunate event like an accident. The policyholder can avail cashless benefits at network hospital of the insurance company. They also provide reimbursement facility in case the treatment is done in any other hospital.