Thursday, 26 October 2017

Cigna Global Health Insurance and Benefits

Health Insurance is an absolute essential a security in life. Nothing counts more than one's health and securing your health with a health insurance is a must.  

More in case you are the sole bread earner of the family, a health insurance is more than anything that you would require to have least an unforeseen accident should leave your family in dire straits, or in an obligatory position to meet all the emergent financial expenses and debts in the event of your death. 

The fact remains that fate might play to be a mischief and therefore a security to your and your loved one's life is necessary. 

A health insurance covers the insurer from all possible risks and also covers the emergent expenses of treatment and in case of hospitalisation. It also makes up for the probable expenses in the event of insurers death. 

Cigna Global Health Insurance is a known name in the insurance market worldwide. Its experience of more than 50 years and more than 80 million customers relationship makes it a name you may trust upon. Most importantly Cigna caters the most flexible service. 

There is a lot more to it. Here is all you need to know about Cigna TTK health insurance plans

About Cigna Health Insurance 

Cigna is a trusted name in the health insurance market all over the world. Its expertise in international health insurance would definitely be the most beneficial insurance available globally for the employees on assignment in any corner of the world. Cigna has successfully over the years catered the best and the most reliable derive without fail across all countries. 

A strong network of customer service centres around the world has enabled the company to settle claims and discharge reimbursement in all currencies to its clients in the easiest and the most hassle-free process. 

There are a lot of other benefits that Cigna TTK health insurance plans cover. Let us go through the benefits of Cigna TTK health insurance plans in details.

Cigna Global Health Insurance Benefits

Cigna caters the best of the service for employees who are working offshore. Their customizable medical plans fulfil the requirements of all the probable coverages. The cost-effective health insurance policies are worth all your monthly premiums. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits available:

The best service in health care, 24/7 all around the year available globally  
Widest range of healthcare networks with a strong network of over one million healthcare professionals worldwide 
Simple and flexible claim submission process that promises an easy settlement of claims.
A complete online website that makes it easier to information and advice about health policies. Also, it provides a lot other self-service tools.
Emergency telephone translation services 
Advice on how to reproduce or replace lost documents like passports, credit cards
Medical evacuation facilities and its arrangements 
Help in finding prescribed medication
Ensures ease in location of nearby health care professionals and facilities 
Facilities for evacuation of children below 18 who might be left unattended by the family in the event of hospitalisation of a family member.

At Cigna, products and services available are varied and unique. There is a full clinical team at Cigna led by physicians that provide the best service for any emergency situations all around the year.

Wide Range of Options Available at Cigna

Cigna TTK health insurance plans follow a targeted and customised approach towards their customers. The insured employees are free to choose from a wide variety of options that are available to meet your medical healthcare requirements. The coverages are available are categorised in the following:

Dental insurance 
Medical evacuation 
Accidental death insurance and reimbursement 
Pharmacy management 
Long-term Disability insurance 
Vision insurance 
International employee assistance programme 
Global Healthcare Services 

Cigna caters all you need from the routine health check up to emergency medical care facilities and everything in between. Cigna boasts of a figure as huge as one million healthcare professionals that operate in expertise out of which 250,000 are outside the United States.

Cigna huge network of management specialist spread all over the world gives a great insight to the huge diversification and specialisation that Cigna group of health insurance operates in. The medical management specialist are located all over Bahrain, Belgium, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Brazil, Singapore, UK and the US. 

We cater something of a special package for the NGO Employees who are at a risk of injury while on the assignment in foreign countries. The NGO Employees are provided with much-increased security and more benefits to the normal. 
There are a lot of advantages of the NGO health plan over any other, and they include:
Easy access to health care and hassle-free healthcare service
Specialised team with expertise in handling emergency situations. They ensure simple admission procedure, quick emergency repatriation and excellent service in on-site case management 
24/7 customer support system available in a myriad number of languages all around the globe. 

Cigna TTK health insurance plans aim at providing the best, and the most customer-oriented service in health care for a secure health and wellbeing of its customers. Cigna is the most trusted name, and one may absolutely count on it to obtain access to hassle-free and cost-effective healthcare service to prevent sickness, diseases, get an easy treatment for industries to stay fit and healthy and get back to work on the pink of their health.

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Buy And Renew New India Insurance Online

New India Assurance is a well-known insurance company in India that offers a wide range of insurance plans. They have health insurance, general insurance and overseas insurance among the other insurance plans that they offer.

Insurance is a system that covers the losses that are incurred by a handful and is spread over to many who are open to risks similar in a way. Insurance helps to protect an individual against a financial loss that may happen because of any unexpected event.

Know Why And What General Insurance Does

Insurance offers a hedge against any occurrence of an unforeseen incident. Insurance helps in not only mitigating the risks but also provides a financial cushion against any adverse financial burden that one or his family suffers.

General Insurance Benefits And What Does It Do

You are always concerned about the losses that you may have to incur in the case of an accident, fire, an illness. These financial securities are sure to get you worried. General insurance provides protection against any or all of these unforeseen events. 

General insurance is however different from life insurance in that unlike life insurance general insurance is not taken to get returns but to offer protection against any contingencies. The government has also made it compulsory to take general insurance like motor insurance and public liability insurance. The New India Assurance is genuine and lets you buy the insurance policy online.

How Much Insurance From New India Assurance Is Enough?

Having an adequate amount of coverage is important, and thus you need to buy the insurance policy accordingly. New India Assurance will value the asset base on what the market value or its reinstatement value is, and this will be used by the New India Assurance Company to decide what the sum assured should be. If the sum assured is not adequate, the percentage that represents the uncovered portion of the asset is the policyholder's liability and has to be borne by him.

What All Can Be bought Under The General Insurance Plan Cover?

You can get everything covered under the general insurance plan under the New India Assurance scheme, Anything that has a financial value can get covered against it getting stolen or lost or even damaged. You can get your property that is both movable and immovable property covered. You can also take a motor insurance, get your household good covered and also cover the liability towards others.

Why Should One Get Covered?

There is no surety when an accident or a mishap may occur. It is thus important that one gets himself covered so that they are well protected in the case of a mishap. Accidents may happen anytime and anywhere and without any warning. It is important that the risks are identified, and one gets himself insured at the earliest.

How To Buy A General Insurance Policy Through New India Assurance?

So you have decided to get a general insurance for your valuable and now want to know how to buy the insurance policy? The method is simple. All that you need to do is to log on to the New India Assurance website and follow the simple instructions to buy the general insurance policy online. 

All that you need to do is to select the product for which you want to buy the insurance and key in the details that have been asked. You will also be given an option to choose any additional coverage for the value that you may be interested in covering. 

Once done you will have to key in your particulars, and you get your premium amount calculated. The New India Assurance sales representative will then contact you for some additional details and verification, and you will get your policy confirmation on email. Buying a general insurance plan was never so simple.

Premium And Reason To Fill Up Proposal

Premium is the fixed amount that you pay over the period of the insurance. This is paid by the policyholder to the insurance company to take the general insurance policy. This completes the contract of the insurance. You will also have to fill up the proposal form to buy the insurance which is the form of the insurance that happens between the insured and the insurer. The proposal form frames the basis of the contact, and it contains all information. You can find information like the preparation of the policy which is the contact document.

Your valuables are expensive, and it is thus important that you take a general insurance policy for the same so that they are protected against any unforeseen mishap. Choose a known company so that you can rest assured of its services, and you will also be less concerned in case you need to file a claim sometime in the future. You can buy the policy online and thus save the trouble from visiting their office personally.

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