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Oriental Insurance Policy - Compare and Buy Online Plans

Buying an insurance plan is the best way to secure one’s future because it protects policyholders from unforeseen circumstances. There are innumerable insurance companies that have on offer several insurance schemes but it is always preferable to select a general insurance plan like Oriental Insurance online which is well established. 

Oriental insurance online has a number of general insurance plans that are available for policyholders to select from. However, while selecting the perfect insurance plan one needs to keep in mind a few essential points that one must compare before buying any insurance plan that have been discussed in this article.

Understand the Options and Select the Most Appropriate One

When it comes to general insurance, as the name suggests, protects a property from damage from theft, fire and burglary and at the same time it includes almost all forms of insurance apart from life insurance. Some of the types of general insurance offered by Oriental Insurance online include:

Motor insurance: Covers damages and liability caused against vehicles off-road and on-road emergencies
Health insurance: Covers policyholder’s medical expenses or emergency medical attention
Travel insurance: Covers the policyholder when travelling abroad 
Home insurance: Covers the home and personal possessions from theft, damage 
Marine insurance: Covers export and import of goods 

It is essential that policyholders compare general insurance plans and the add-on plans to secure all their interests and protect them from damages.

Online General Insurance Plans are Cheaper

Believe it or not, online general insurance plans offered by Oriental Insurance online are cheaper online. This is because the time, effort, resources and systematic procedure helps insurance companies save money on these fronts which they are happy to share with their policyholders.

Apart from being a convenient option for policyholders to choose from it helps the insurance company process claims in a timely manner as well. Therefore, this is an excellent and efficient option that one should consider option for since it helps policyholders make the best 

All Documents Organized and Saved in One Place

The best thing about comparing and buying general insurance online is that all the information is available online and it is easy to check. Moreover, when the policyholder is sure about purchasing a particular insurance plan then all the required documents are organized and saved in one place. 

However, when an insurance cover is purchased offline it need not be as organized like this. Also, at the time of renewal it will be easy for policyholders to renew their insurance plan since all the documents are well organized and in place minimizing the chance of misplacing documents or the fear of missing the deadline and run the risk of not being covered by any form of insurance. 

Transparent Paperless Transactions and Payment Options
Another growing concern that most tech savvy policyholders have these days is to have access to paperless transactions and payment options that can be performed online. Security is a major concern which insurance companies like Oriental Insurance online take very seriously. 

Also, needless to say it is all the more important that once a claim is filed online the policyholder will be able to track it online. This helps one bypass taking to an insurance agent and to receive a quick update at a time when it is convenient for them.

At the same time, in case there are concerns that need to be addressed by an insurance agent they are available via email, phone call, or one can make an appoint to meet them in person. Therefore, it makes the life of the policyholder easier.

Read Online Reviews on General Insurance

Before selecting an Oriental Insurance online plan always read online reviews as it will help potential policyholders to understand the various benefits and drawbacks of investing in a particular insurance plan. This way, one will be able to access whether the insurance plan is suitable for one’s needs.

Also, if one has any queries then it can be posted online for other policyholders to understand. This is an excellent way to learn about the experiences that other people have had with Oriental Insurance online regarding their general insurance plans and will help potential policyholder weigh their options and make an informed decision while selecting the final policy.

Things to be Careful About

These days it is very easy for anyone to create a website and host it online and this has led to the rise in the number of fake insurance companies. In case one has a doubt about the authenticity of an insurance company that may for instance resemble the Oriental Insurance online website then one must get in touch with the insurance company to avoid enrolling on a fraudulent website.

Also, always cross check the authenticity of the information, check the signature policy, and always ask for a receipt for ant transaction that can help one avoid fraud.

These are some of the aspects that one needs to take into consideration while comparing and buying general insurance from Oriental Insurance online.

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Health Insurance Claim Process - Cigna TTK

In an age of growing uncertainties, the world needs health insurance more than ever. There has been a lot of talk about how the insurance market is not being to fulfill the customer’s needs and that the customers are becoming more and dissatisfied with the service of the insurance providers. 

In this kind of a market, it is very difficult to thrive without having anything special to offer. Fortunately for the customers, the Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company understand this very well. Therefore it provides one of the best health care facilities in the market.
This article will shed some light on the claim process of the Cigna TTK, and also discuss it portfolio.

The Cigna TTK Portfolio: 

1) Cigna TTK ProHealth Insurance Plan
2) Cigna TTK LifeStyle Protection for accidental care Plan
3) Cigna TTK ProHealth Cash Plan
4) Cigna TTK ProHealth Select Plan
5) Cigna TTK ProHealth Plus Protect
6) Cigna TTK ProHealth Preferred Plan
7) Cigna TTK ProHealth Premier Plan
8) Cigna TTK Proactive Living Plan

Benefits of Choosing Cigna TTK HealthCare Plans: 

The Cigna TTK Healthcare Company provides a wide range of plans for its customers. In doing so, the Cigna TTK health insurance firm allows its customers to have lots of choices to choose from, thereby giving the insurance holders a wide range of options. All of these plans are well laid out and they are financed by a decent amount of money. The Cigna TTK provides insurance across a wide range of contingencies such as Inpatient, Daycare, Pre and Post hospitalization assistance along with Domiciliary Cover and Donor benefits. 

The company also believes in restoring the insured sum of money also known as the SI (Sum Insured) and also provides cumulative bonus benefits with the help of Smart non-reducing bonus plans.  There is an optional cumulative bonus booster that will function on a non-reducing basis. 

This also allows adding more to the policy every year there is no claim being made. Customers of Cigna TTK Health Insurance have the option to go for removal of room rent limits along with sub-limits for disease specific treatments. The firm has been noted to provide healthy rewards as an extra add on benefit when you sign-up for the Proactive Living program.  

Claim Process for the Cigna TTK Health Insurance: 

Steps to Be Taken 
STEP 1: 
Informing Officials

When you are claiming an insurance policy benefit from the Cigna TTK Health Insurance firm, you should first start with contacting the free help line. It is usually recommended that you contact the firm at least 3 days in advance before claiming the policy benefits. This will allow the Cigna TTK health professionals to work with you and walk you through the entire process. In case there is an emergency, this rule is much more relaxed and you can contact the office within 48 hours of the contingency. 

STEP 2: 
When you will be arriving at the network hospital you will be expected to provide proper identification with all the necessary documents. You must present your Cigna TTK Health Card along with copies of your photo ID in order for you to avail your insurance claims. Then the hospital will be verifying your identity after which they would be getting in touch with the Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company in order to proceed with the hospitalization process. You can download your health card online from the Cigna TTK website. 

STEP 3: 
Request Forms
After proper verifications have been done, the hospital will decide to contact Cigna TTK as stated in the point above. There will be a preauthorization form that will be sent by the authorized hospital that would have details of the patient’s medical history, the kind of treatment that is necessary and also the estimated treatment costs. 

STEP 4: 
Contact with the Hospital
Once the form has been received by Cigna TTK, the company will process the claims applicable. Firstly, the information that has been provided by the hospital will be verified and only if the information is sufficient enough for Cigna TTK, it will process the claims. If there is some information missing, that has not been provided, the company will get in touch with the network hospital in order to understand the requirements better. 

STEP 5: 
Claims Service Associate
If a claim has been made and everything checks out fine, a service associate from the Cigna TTK Company will be getting in touch with you to complete all necessary formalities including paper works and forms whenever necessary. 

STEP 6: 
Discharge Procedure
When it would be time for discharge the hospital would be providing a final request of authorization for any kind of extra amount to be paid along with the final hospital bill. When there is a final authorization letter from Cigna TTK, you will be discharged. 

STEP 7: 
Payments Made
Once the hospitalization process is completed, the hospital will provide Cigna TTK with a list of original documents. The claim will then be assessed and the final payment will be made. 

It is of no doubt that by making such a clear and transparent claim process, Cigna TTK deserves all the awards it has won. If you are looking for an insurance policy that would cater to your personal needs, Cigna TTK is certainly worth a try. 

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What to Do If Your Health Insurance Claim is Denied

In a country like India, having a health insurance policy for separate individuals and special family health insurance plans are of a necessity. A health insurance plan is a safety measure that is undertaken by the buyer of the plan.

This safety measure gives financial aid at the time of a health crisis through payment of medical bills, buying medicines and hospitalization fees to all members who are insured under the same policy. Health insurance plans can also be termed as medical insurance plans.

There are a variety of best health insurance plans that arepresent in India. These plans are divided on the type of health insurance that a person is looking for, the length of the health insurance as well as the inclusions and exclusions of each health insurance plan.

The Many Health Insurance Plans in India
Each and every company in India that provides insurance plans to individuals have their own versions of health insurances that they have to offer. The different types of health insurance plans that are offered popularly to the masses are as follows:

·         An Individual Health Insurance Plan is a health insurance plan that is meant only for covering the health requirements and expenses of one individual.

·         Family Health Insurance Plans are plans that not only cover the individual but also their entire families as well. The health insurance plan varies depending on the number of individuals who are covered under the plan itself.

·         Critical Illness Plans are special plans that are made for individuals who already have a critical illness and who are seeking to get insured for the same. This plan covers nearly all critical illnesses, there are also some plans that cover all critical illnesses after a wait period of some time.
          Depending on the age group, there are also health insurance plans that are specially tailored for children, adults and senior citizens as well from different companies.

Why Must You Buy A Health Insurance Plan?
In the 21st century, there are a number of new diseases and health problems that are affecting the common masses. It doesn’t take long for an individual to realize that the expenses of fixing one’s health is gradually rising. There is also the risk of sudden health deterioration occurring for which huge funding is necessary for treatment. At a time when all these problems are being faced, the wisest decision is to take a health insurance policy.

Now those who are insured under a health insurance plan do not have to worry about the expenses of the treatment that they need to go to. The traditional method of borrowing loans from the bank for fixing one’s health is over. Health insurance plans cover everything health-related of a person. This may be the hospitalization fee, the fee for surgery/treatment of even the fee for buying the different medicines, everything is included in the same plan.

Health and Medical Insurance Claim
Once a health or a medical insurance plan has been given to a person, there are two ways in which the medical insurance claim can be made by a person. A health insurance plan can either be claimed at the time that there is a medical emergency and money is needed by the policyholder from the company, or the claim can be made after the event.

The cashless medical insurance claims policy is when the insured does not have to pay for any expenses that are incurred at the time of a medical emergency. All the expenses are taken care of by the insurance company itself. This is mainly applicable when the insurance holder avails treatment from the hospital which is affiliated with the insurance company as well.

The reimbursement process is when the insurance holder or a member related to the insurance holder pays for the hospitalization fees and other bills. This is later reimbursed from the company. The process is a short one and does not require much effort for the same. The method of reimbursement involves:
·         Informing the company that you want to make a claim,
·         Submitting all the bills and necessary documents that are required for the claiming process from the insurance company.
·         Get the reimbursed medical insurance claim amount.

Steps to Take When Your Medical Insurance Claim is Denied
There are rare occasions when the reimbursement of claim from the insurance company may be denied. In this case, there are several reasons why the insurance claim may be denied and there are several ways of re-claiming one’s medical insurance claim.

At the time that a claim has been denied from the company, the insured individual can ask the reasons why the company has denied their medical insurance claim. Reconsideration of claim can also be suggested to the insurance company in question. A third party may also review the insurance claim that has been made and help in finding out the faults in the claims process and ways to re-claim the money.
All individuals whose claim has been denied from a health insurance company have the right to appeal. An internal appeal is when the insurer appeals to someone from the insurance company itself to go through the claims process and reconsider the claims amount. Depending on the urgency with which the insured wants the claims to be settled, the insurance company also has to speed up the process as well. The third-party review is known as external review.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company

HDFC Bank in India needs no introduction. While HDFC is a housing finance institution in India, ERGO is a Munich based company with its full name ERGO International AG. The share of the ERGO in HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company is 26%. 

While HDFC mainly deals in three sectors: banking, asset management, and general & life insurance, ERGO international AG is a reinsurer and a risk carrier of the Munich Re group. To bring to your notice, ERGO has its presence in more than 30 countries.

In India, HDFC ERGO has 109 branch offices and in the private sector insurance provider, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company is the third largest general insurance company. The products and services offered by this company can be broadly categorized in three groups: Retail products (Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance, Personal Accident and Health Insurance), Rural Products (Cattle Insurance, Crop Insurance, Weather Insurance, Parivar Suraksha Bima and Gramin Suraksha Bima) and Commercial Products (Engineering Insurance, Liability Insurance and Property Insurance).  

The claim settlement ratio of this amazing company is 51%, which is not bad actually. In the year 2015-2016, the company paid out 1244.2 claims. Let us know the key features of this company, which may help you to take a decision. 

1.  The products offered by it in the General Insurance sector are complete and comprehensive.

2. For policy issuance, claim services and customer service the company has an ISO 9001-2008 certification. 

3. Its general insurance offers are sufficient to cover individuals, vehicles, and workspaces. 

4. The policies of this superb organization are not limited to the urban sector of the society. It caters to the rainfall, cattle, and agriculture-related requirement of the rural segment as well. 

5. It has special customized niche products for the commercial sector. In the commercial Insurance sector, the company provides the very wide range of products. 

6. In the area of personal accidents cover, HDFC ERGO General Insurance is the biggest player. 

7. All of its policies can be instantly renewed online. 

8. All of its services are digitalized. One can even get HDFC ERGO general insurance claim form online. 

9. HDFC ERGO health card comes packed with a special feature provided by the independent service providers. You can see the features on the display of the health card. 

10. It is located in about 91 cities with more than 108 branches. 

Do you want to know about the different types of products offered by HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company? Let us brief you about some of the amazing products:

1. HDFC ERGO Health Insurance: 

There are many health insurance policies provided by the HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company which can be broadly categorized into two groups: 

(A) Indemnity Health Insurance Policy: This policy gives the policy buyer the right to get the actual amount of financial losses in the form of compensation. The amount to claim depends on the maximum sum insured by the policybholder.

(B) Lump Sum Payment Health Insurance Plan: In such plans, the payment is given at the time of accident or illness or other such event.

There are many different types of customized health plans to meet the different needs of the customers. The seven variants of the health insurance policies are:

- HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Policy: This policy provides expenses for the in-patient treatment and pre-hospitalization and 144 day-care procedures. 

- HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold Policy: This gives post-hospitalization expenses also and covers for the hospital room rents, doctor fees etc. 

- HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Regain Policy: With all the benefits defined above, this policy gives a regain benefit, which means that the sum insured will be automatic available after it gets exhausted. 

- HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold Regain Policy: With all the other benefits, this policy gives the regain benefits even in the policy years. 

- HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Top Up Policy: It gives bigger coverage at a lower cost. 

- HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Policy: This is a unique policy for those who suffer critical illness. It provides a lump sum amount for all the treatment, and in addition, it also provides fund for make up for the loss of income. 

- HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Platinum Policy: In this plan, there are 15 critical illnesses are listed for the cover and it provides fund just after the first diagnosis and 30 day survival after that. 

To know which policy suits you best, you can check online PolicyBazaar Reviews to know more about them and to make the decision. 

2. HDFC ERGO Vehicle Insurance policy:

This policy helps you protect against the theft, damage or loss of your car due to any reason whatsoever. A concept of third party liability is also added, which helps the owner of the car to cover for the claims made by the third party for the damages made by the insured car of the policy holder. There are many policies listed in this category, namely: 

- HDFC ERGO Private Car Insurance Policy
- HDFC ERGO Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy
- HDFC ERGO Third Party Liability Only Insurance Policy
- HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

To know which policy suits you best, you can check online PolicyBazaar Reviews to know more about them and to make the decision. 

3. HDFC ERGO Home Insurance Policy: 

The policies covered under this category provides affordable coverage for your property. The two famous plan categories under this group are:

- HDFC ERGO Home Insurance
- HDFC ERGO Standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance

To know which policy suits you best, you can check online PolicyBazaar Reviews to know more about them and to make the decision. 

4. HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance:

As the name suggests, this insurance policy covers you against any disaster or inconvenience caused during your travel. All the plans are categorized in two groups: (a) travel Insurance Policy and (b) HDFC ERGO Student Travel Insurance. To know which policy suits you best, you can check online PolicyBazaar Reviews to know more about them and to make the decision. 

5. HDFC ERGO Commercial Insurance: 

This segment of insurance serves the need of the corporate and business houses. HDFC ERGO general Insurance Company Limited offers exceptional and customized commercial insurance solutions. The major policies in this group are: (a) Specialty Insurance (b) Casualty Insurance (c) Group Insurance (d) Knowledge Series and (e ) Property and Misc Insurance.  To know which policy suits you best, you can check online PolicyBazaar Reviews to know more about them and to make the decision. 

6. HDFC ERGO Rural Insurance: 

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited has come up with some insurance options for the rural customers especially. Under this category, the company provides two types of insurance till now 
- Agricultural Insurance
- Cattle Insurance

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Cholamandalam MS General Insurance - Compare Plans

Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Group is a combined endeavor of Murugappa Group and a Japanese Insurance group called Mitsui Sumitomo. All variety of insurance products is available in this company constituting health plans, engineering and marine motor insurance covers, accident cover, property and liability insurance and so on. 

The great performance of Cholamandalam Insurance is stood upon the pillar of trust and transparency. PolicyBazaar customer testimonials evident its outstanding performance and customer services over several years.

Key Features and Benefits of Chola MS General Insurance

Apart from huge range of policy products offered by Cholamandalam Insurance group, it has earned its reputation by offering great customer service and support. 

Cholamandalam Insurance mainly targets to achieve customer satisfaction with their insurance products. Check out the general features and benefits of Cholamandalam Insurance plans:

Cholamandalam Insurance is the only Indian company which has received ISO certificate over motor claim.
It offers without cash settlement to its customers.
With Chola Insurance policies you can receive online profile services.
You can avail claim settlement via online forms in Chola groups of insurances.
Enjoy 24*7 customer service in Chola insurance policies.
It offers extensive cover and allows availing add-ons in your chola policy.
Chola insurances are easy to purchase.
Avail roadside assistance with Chola groups of motor insurance plan.
Great third party settlement cover.

Various Products of Cholamandalam MS General Insurance

From health cover products to car insurance, from home security cover to travel protection plan, Cholamandalam Insurance provides almost every possible insurance product to its much valued customers.

Cholamandalam Individual Insurance Products

Chola Car Insurance –Car plan provides comprehensive protection of the car along with the third party liability expenses. Moreover, get roadside assistance on car breakdown.

Chola Travel Insurance – Cholamandalam insurance group provides a wide range of travel covers – short period business and leisure travels, long time coverage for students studying overseas and insurance to corporate frequent travelers.

Chola Personal Accident Insurance – This insurance plan provides coverage to expenses related to accidents. It pays out weekly compensation amount in case of loss of job due to accident.

Chola Home Security Plan – This plan takes care of the protection of your home from the damage inflicted by both natural calamities and man-made activities.

Cholamandalam Corporate Insurance Products

Chola Group Health Plan – This group health plan provides modest cover to group of people. It also pays out death and disability benefits to the insured people.

Chola Engineering Insurance Plan – Chola Insurance Group provides insurance for those employees who work for building and engineering companies. Since these employees have to deal with heavy machineries and electronic devices, the companies are liable to provide protection to their workers.

Property Crime Chola Insurance – This insurance plan by Cholamandalam group insures the valuable properties and assets of a company. It gives out compensation to restore the damage or loss of company valuables due to man-made or natural disaster.

Chola Marine Insurance – This is the best and the oldest insurance of the Chola group. It covers the transportation of marine cargo throughout its journey in the sea.

Chola Fire Protection Insurance – This plan is also most availed corporate product which provides cover to the damage and loss of a company due to fire breakout and also from fire caused accidents.

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Plans:

Cholamandalam Healthline – This plan is available for both individual and family. In this Healthline plan by Chola group the primary insurance holder can include his family members such as spouse, children, parents and also in-laws.

Swasth Parivar Cholamandalam Insurance – This is an all-inclusive Chola Insurance plan that covers all expenses related to treatment, hospital admission charge, etc. The insured can also add personal accident add-on in this plan.

Tax Plus Cholamandalam Healthline Policy – This Cholamandalam policy covers both hospital admission expenses and the costs of OPD. This health plan is accessible for individual as well as a family floater. This plan is available from ₹1lakh and 50 thousand.

Family Healthline Cholamandalam Insurance Policy – This plan is more a family floater option that covers expenses of allopath and ayurvedic modes of treatment. It allows maximum sum insured for family floater ₹15lakhs.

Individual Healthline Cholamandalam Plan – This is a comprehensive individual health plan offered by Chola group which not only takes care of the cost of treatment, hospital admission expenses but also covers your general eye and hearing troubles. Maximum insured sum in this plan could be ₹10lakhs.

Cholamandalam Healthline Top-Up – This top-up plan insures extra medical expenditures of an individual as well as family.

Cholamandalam Critical Healthline Policy – This plan is basically a fixed payout plan which gives lump sum amount once the policy holder is detected with critical illness.

Hospital Cash Cholamandalam Healthline Insurance – This plan covers the expenses related to the hospital admission.

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Top 10 Health Insurance Companies 2018

With the sky rocketing prices, inflation and the uncertainty of any disease affecting you, it has become very important to have a health insurance. In this article here, let’s talk about the best health insurance companies.
Health Insurance Policies And Royal Sundaram
Royal Sundaram health insurance offers multiple options to choose from for yourself and your entire family. The plans are affordable and very flexible too. They have different financial options to suit your exceptional needs. In case of Royal Sundaram mediclaim also, you increase your insured sum automatically each year, even if you used the Royal Sundaram mediclaim. The best thing is that you can choose from basic health insurance plans to specialist medical insurances in some cases where the entire maternity benefits are offered as well.
Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Review
A subsidiary of Sundaram Finance, Royal Sundaram is also known as Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited. Formally known as, Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited. Royal Sundaram has been providing exclusive and innovative insurance solutions and plans to individuals, families and businesses across various domains.
With Royal Sundaram you can buy car, personal, health, home, accidental, travel or even two wheeler insurance online. Yes, Royal Sundaram has all these insurnaces available online for the people to use. Royal Sundaram insurance customer care is also available for helping people with their queries 24 by 7.
Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Policy Details
Here let’s discuss about the benefits or advantages of Royal Sundaram mediclaim:
·         In Royal Sundaram mediclaim or medical insurance, pre and post hospitalization charges are taken care of partially by the insurance provider.
·         There are 147 day care procedures covered in Royal Sundaram mediclaim.
·         The network hospitals of Royal Sundaram are really great. They have tie ups with more than three thousand (3000) hospitals. With these networked hospitals or with most of them, there is an advantage of cashless hospitalization.
·         There is a lifetime renewal available in Royal Sundaram mediclaim.
·         Royal Sundaram mediclaim has income tax benefits under section 80D.
·         The claims process of Royal Sundaram mediclaim is ISO certified. This makes the process more streamlined and very standard too.
·         In case of hospitalization after an accident, the Royal Sundaram insurance provides up to 50 percent additional insured sum for the treatment of procedures.
·         You can also get a cumulative bonus in case you did not claim your insurance for anything for the year. The bonus is between 5 to 50 percent.
·         Royal Sundaram insurance covers the maternity very well.
Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Renewal
Royal Sundaram health insurance is very easy. You need to do your Royal Sundaram health insurance login. Post that, you should enter your Royal Sundaram health insurance policy details wherever asked after answering few basic questions about yourself.
Royal Sundaram health insurance premium chart can help you determine which Royal Sundaram health insurance you would be interested to invest in. Royal Sundaram health insurance customer care is also always there to help you out in case of any concerns.
Once you have the filled in the required details on the Royal Sundaram health insurance login, you should be able to do your Royal Sundaram health insurance renewal within minutes. You can also check your Royal Sundaram health insurance policy status online.
Royal Sundaram Health Insurance – Who Can Be Covered?
·         The proposer of the plan can be anybody who is above eighteen (18) years of age.
·         The Royal Sundaram health insurance policy covers the applicant, spouse, and up to 4 children who must be between 91 days of birth up to 25 years of age.
·         In Royal Sundaram health insurance there is no restriction on the maximum age for your entry in the plan. That is, if you are of any age above 18, you can choose your Royal Sundaram health insurance plan.
Why Health Insurance
Health insurance is very important these days because:
·         If you or your family member faces an unexpected serious injury or illness, then that could be very expensive. With the help of health insurance, the cost can be shared.
·         Because you have a health insurance plan, you are most likely to get your regular checkups done on time.
·         With your health insurance you get good medical care in timely manner. This makes it the most important reason on why you should have a health insurance plan.

Gone are the days when people did not know the cure of diseases and many would die. In today’s world, there is a cure for almost everything and your life is a precious gift. You should take care of your body and yourself in the best way possible, health insurance is a part of that. Hence, always choose your health insurance plan wisely. It helps you in the longer run and in a very good way. Don’t think of it as a dead investment. You never know when you need it the most.

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Oriental General Insurance - Claim Status

Oriental insurance was set up on the 12th of September, 1947 as the Oriental Insurance Company Limited and kicked off its operations in Mumbai. Prior to this, the Oriental Insurance Company Limited previously was a part of Life Insurance Corporation before the General Insurance business in India was nationalized. Since 2003, the Union Government decided to acquire all of the shares of the Oriental Insurance Company from General Insurance Corporation of India. 

The Oriental Insurance Company has become quite popular over the years due to its attractive schemes and magnetic policies. In the financial year of 2013 to 2014, the Oriental Insurance Company made headlines by grossing the highest premium of Rs. 7282.54 crores. This article will provide you with some details regarding the Oriental General Insurance Company. 

There are several products which the Oriental Insurance Company provides for its customers. They are listed below with a brief description.

Oriental Insurance Company Product Portfolio:

Oriental Health Insurance: 

This takes care of all your medical expenses and other medical contingencies that you might get held down with.

Oriental Mediclaim Insurance Policy Individual: 

This mediclaim facility can be availed by anyone from 18 years till the age of 80, as long as they are getting treated in India. 

Oriental Family Floater Insurance Policy: 

The Oriental Family Floater insurance Policy is a insurance policy for health which covers all your family members from any medical emergencies, including your spouse, parents, and parents-in-law. 

Oriental Group Insurance Policy Mediclaim: 

The Oriental Group Insurance Policy Mediclaim will cover any kind of expenses that are related to a particular group or association, as long as it has centralized administration point.

Oriental Jan Arogya Insurance Policy: 

The Arogya policy also called the Jan Arogya policy is aimed at covering all kinds of expenses which have incurred due to an illness, disease or any critical injury. When a person gets admitted under this scheme, the person insured is paid a significant amount to cover their costs.

Oriental Bank Mediclaim Policy: 

The Oriental Bank Mediclaim Policy is an insurance cover which is only available to those people who are already holding an account under the Oriental Bank and also the employees of the Oriental Bank of Commerce. This policy will allow you to claim reimbursements for any reasonable and important hospital bills that might have incurred due to some disease or an injury. The amount that will be paid however will not exceed the insured limit for this plan.

Oriental Health of Privileged Elders (HOPE) Plan: 

This plan has been designed exclusively for citizens who have crossed their 60’s and qualified to be senior citizens. This particular policy will reimburse hospital expenses and domiciliary hospital expenses. There is a specified disease list however along with a list of injuries which are followed by this plan. The amounts insured in this plan come in as 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lakhs. 

PNB Royal Oriental Mediclaim Insurance: 

The PNB Royal Oriental Mediclaim Insurance provides insurance only to those people who are account holders of Punjab National Bank. This policy can also help by providing reasonable expense reimbursements in case of a disease or an injury.

Oriental Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana (PBBY):

The Oriental Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana also known as the PBBY is an open scheme that is accessible to all citizens of India who have already cleared the emigration clearance necessary under the act of 1983 which is the Emigrant Act (31 of 1983). This can cover an individual who is between eighteen and sixty years old and is currently employed abroad. If there is a sudden death by accidental or a permanent disability that happens which would lead to loss of employment for that person, then the Oriental Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana will provide him or her with a capital sum which is worth Rs. 10 Lakhs. This amount can be paid directly or to the nominee, whichever is applicable. 

Oriental Thana Janta Sakahari Bank Mediplus Policy:

And finally the Oriental Thana Janta Sakahari Bank Mediplus Policy is a very good policy for those who are suffering from any chronic disease or illness. This policy is one of the general insurance policies and is available also on Oriental insurance online. Apart from being very easily accessible this plan will provide you help with your hospital bills and will also provide you with a significant sum of money for all your expenses. 

Oriental general insurance is a name that has been trusted for many years by several people across the globe. Apart from the fact the Oriental insurance online makes the policies much more mobile for the policyholders, the bank really does provide some great plans which cater to your needs during a contingency. If you are looking for something promising to invest in, it might be worthwhile to have a look at the company’s brochure. 

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Monday, 7 May 2018

Star Health Insurance - Know your Claim Status

When one considers buying a health insurance plan there are a number of things that one needs to take into consideration. For instance, one should look up the claim settlement ratio and how to check insurance claim status, like Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status.

The hallmark of a good health insurance plan is that the claim process is simple, streamlined, and quick. This article explains everything that one should know about Star Health Insurance claim status.

About Star Health Insurance 

Star Health Insurance is an extensive network of hospitals with over 5,400 hospitals. For this reason, this insurance provider is able to provide seamless service to claimants and ensures that policyholders do not face any inconvenience related to settling bills.

Types of Claims 

Star Health Insurance provides two types of claims that include cashless treatment and reimbursement. Each of the two options has been discussed in the following sections. 

Cashless Treatment 

Policyholders can avail cashless treatment under the Star Health Insurance plan. When the bill is generated then it must be send across to the insurance company and the policyholder need not pay for anything.

What is the Process of Filing a Claim for Cashless Treatment?

The next question that will arise in one’s mind is how a policyholder can file a claim for cashless treatment. The steps involved in filing a claim for cashless treatment are as follows:

Policyholder should carry member car or have the policy number or member ID to be given to the network hospital.
Policyholder should call the number 1800-425-2255 for planned or emergency hospitalization and fax pre-authorization form to the either of the following numbers 1800-425-5522 or 044-28302200. 
Policyholder should furnish personal details and policy ID or member ID at the hospital’s insurance desk and fill out the pre-authorization form in the customer’s section.
The request will be reviewed and the hospital will initiate Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status that includes approval, pending approval, or rejected to the policyholder.
In cases where Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status is pending, the insurance company will contact the hospital and in cases where the claim is rejected the policyholders can opt for the reimbursement option.

What is the Claims Process to Receive Cashless Treatment?

For a policyholder to receive cashless treatment they would need to follow the claims process. The steps involved in the claims process include the following steps:

After the policyholder has filled up the pre-authorization form and submitted to the hospital, it will be processed. 
Next, a field doctor will be assigned to the policyholder to help with the hospitalization process.
One submitting the pre-authorization form, all communication to the bill settlement will be taken care of by Star Health Insurance. 
However, if certain expenses are beyond the policy or are not covered then the policyholder will be informed about this before or after he or she is discharged from the hospital. 

How will the Treatment Expenses be Reimbursed?

It might not always be possible to go in for cashless treatment. In such situations, the policyholder can pay the bills out-of-pocket and furnish the bills to the insurer for reimbursement.

What are the Details Required to File a Claim for Reimbursement?  

The details required to file a reimbursement for a claim include:

Policyholder’s name 
Customer id and name of the claimant
Hospital details
Diagnosis and treatment details
Approximate claim amount
Admission date

What are the Hospital Details Required to be Submitted?

Policyholders can download the claim form from the insurer’s website and have to provide the following documents as well. 

Original claim form, completely filled, and signed.
Any valid, government approved photo ID.
Referral letter from a medical practitioner recommending hospitalization of the policyholder.
Original receipts, bills, and discharge card from hospital. 
Original receipts or bills from pharmacies for medication purchased. 
Original receipts or bills for tests and reports. 

Once all the documents listed are duly sent to the insurance company by post the claims process can be initiated. 

What is the Claims Process to Receive Reimbursements?

In order to initiate the reimbursement process, policyholders need to follow these steps:

Star Health Insurance will review the case along with the documents received. 
If everything is in order, the claim will be approved and the funds will be processed between 7 to 10 days and the policyholder will be notified as well.
If the request remains incomplete then the insurer will ask the claimant to produce the required details at the earliest.

How to Check Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status?

The process to check a policyholder’s Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status is as follows:

Visit the Start Heath Insurance website:
Go to the Claims Corner.
Select Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status.
Fill up the intimation number and id card number.
Click “Submit”.
The Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status will be displayed.

Checking Star Health Insurance Star Health Insurance claim status couldn’t be any easier. And policyholders need to worry about the claims process but following the steps mentioned in this article.

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Thursday, 3 May 2018

IFFCO Tokio: General Insurance Company India

Have you heard of the IFFCO Tokio General Insurance? This is an insurance group chaired by Mr. M.K. Srinivasa Gowda. Actually, IFFCO Tokio is a combined undertaking between Tokio Marine Group and IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative). 

The incorporation of this company dates back to 8th September 2000. The network of IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company in India is very wide. It has about 65 Business Strategic Units, 255 Bima Kendra and 122 Lateral Spread Centers. Some people call IFFCO Tokio as ITGI. 

In IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company, IFFCO alone holds about 72.64% of the shares. In a very short period, IFFCO has made a very high jump. From 213 Crores in 2001-02 its Gross Written Premium (GWP) has gone up to Rs. 3398.68 Crores in 2014-15.  The products of the IFFCO Tokyo are broadly divided into three major categories: 

1. Motor Insurance
2. Health Insurance
3. Travel Insurance

Let us discuss in detail about the major offers and plans included in these three major categories of insurance. 

(A) Motor Insurance: 

The car or motor insurance has been made mandatory in India by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. For motor insurance, IFFCO Tokyo General Insurance Company offers two types of insurance policies for every type of vehicle: 

Third-party Policy
Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy

There are three major policies under the Motor Insurance category:

Two-wheeler Insurance Policy: 

This policy provides cover for the damage/loss of any two-wheeler due to both the reasons: (a) Natural Calamities and (b) Man-made causes.  Third party liability is also covered by this policy. It has a limited personal accidental cover of about Rs. 1 lakh. One can even get a No Claim bonus, for no claim made during a financial year. 

Car Insurance Policy: 

This policy covers the loss and damage to the car due to many reasons like earthquake, typhoon, burglary, theft, accidental means etc. Third party damages are also included in this car insurance policy, in case, the car makes any damage to the third party property. In addition to all this, there is a Personal Accidental cover in the policy which covers the death of the owner-driver and gives a Sum Insured of Rs. 2 lakhs. For car towing, the policyholder gets a reimbursement expense of up to Rs. 1500. 

Commercial Vehicle Insurance: 

If the vehicle is used for the business purpose, the policyholder needs to by this Insurance. The cover provided is of a comprehensive type in nature and includes the third party liabilities as well. 

(B) Health Insurance:

Health Insurance is a sector in which IFFCO Tokyo General Insurance Company provides a number of plans. Actually, the rapidly rising medical costs have made people nervous and to make the treatment affordable in the future, more and more people are opting for the Health Insurance plans. These plans give them financial security and peace of mind. As IFFCO Tokyo General Insurance Company has more than 4300+ hospital networks, people highly trust this insurance provider. There are 7 basic plans offered under this category: 

Family Health Protector Policy:  It gives you a facility to not only cover your immediate family but your siblings as well. The total Sum insured in this policy in up to Rs. 7 lakhs. It includes 11 critical illnesses in this policy. 

Individual Health Protector Policy: This plan is meant just for the comprehensive individual coverage. Again the Sum insured is up to Rs. 7 lakhs. 

Individual Medishield Policy: This is a special policy because while covering the cost of hospitalization, it provides the allowances for the daycare treatments, organ donor expenses etc. The range of the Sum insured is between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. 

Critical Illness Insurance Policy: In case, the policyholder gets diagnosed with any critical illness during the plan period, he/she gets the benefits for it. All the hospitalization expenses for the treatment of the critical illness are included in this policy. 

Personal Accidental Insurance Policy: As the name clarifies, this policy gives protection if a person meets an accident of some kind. It covers both the death and the disability. For partial permanent disability, the policyholder gets 50%. 

Swasthya Kavach Policy: There are two types of covers provided in the policy: (1) Basic cover: The Sum insured lies in the range of Rs. 2-5 lakhs and it covers all the basic facilities expected from any basic plan like hospitalization expenses, organ donor expenses etc. (2) Wider Cover: This plan can be taken by a person of any nationality and it has an upper limit of Rs. 5 lakhs. If someone wants a higher Sum insured, he can make use of multiple policy issues. 

Health Protector Plus Policy: This policy is meant for them who plan to top-up their Sum insured limit with time. The policy provides super top-up, top-up plans and deductibles. The plan allows the insurance holder to enjoy the policy as a top-up plan. 

(3) Travel Insurance: 

IFFCO Tokyo General Insurance Company provides world-class travel insurance plans. As the medical treatments abroad are very expensive, it is always advisable that you take the travel insurance with you. There are two major plans included in this category:

(a) Overseas Travel Insurance Policy: The five variants of this policy are: Gold 100, Gold 500, Gold 250, Silver and Bronze and the range of the Sum Insured varies between $50,000 to $500,000. 

(b) Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana:  This policy is for the emigrants. The tenure of this policy can be extended for 2-3 years. 

IFFCO Tokyo General Insurance Company is famous to provide cost-effective insurance policies. The 2000 cashless garage network, 24*7 claim assistance and 4300 hospitals, with which the company has made tie-ups, attract people to opt its policies for enjoying some ease especially needed during the time of the major discomfort. 

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