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Health Insurance Claim Process - Cigna TTK

In an age of growing uncertainties, the world needs health insurance more than ever. There has been a lot of talk about how the insurance market is not being to fulfill the customer’s needs and that the customers are becoming more and dissatisfied with the service of the insurance providers. 

In this kind of a market, it is very difficult to thrive without having anything special to offer. Fortunately for the customers, the Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company understand this very well. Therefore it provides one of the best health care facilities in the market.
This article will shed some light on the claim process of the Cigna TTK, and also discuss it portfolio.

The Cigna TTK Portfolio: 

1) Cigna TTK ProHealth Insurance Plan
2) Cigna TTK LifeStyle Protection for accidental care Plan
3) Cigna TTK ProHealth Cash Plan
4) Cigna TTK ProHealth Select Plan
5) Cigna TTK ProHealth Plus Protect
6) Cigna TTK ProHealth Preferred Plan
7) Cigna TTK ProHealth Premier Plan
8) Cigna TTK Proactive Living Plan

Benefits of Choosing Cigna TTK HealthCare Plans: 

The Cigna TTK Healthcare Company provides a wide range of plans for its customers. In doing so, the Cigna TTK health insurance firm allows its customers to have lots of choices to choose from, thereby giving the insurance holders a wide range of options. All of these plans are well laid out and they are financed by a decent amount of money. The Cigna TTK provides insurance across a wide range of contingencies such as Inpatient, Daycare, Pre and Post hospitalization assistance along with Domiciliary Cover and Donor benefits. 

The company also believes in restoring the insured sum of money also known as the SI (Sum Insured) and also provides cumulative bonus benefits with the help of Smart non-reducing bonus plans.  There is an optional cumulative bonus booster that will function on a non-reducing basis. 

This also allows adding more to the policy every year there is no claim being made. Customers of Cigna TTK Health Insurance have the option to go for removal of room rent limits along with sub-limits for disease specific treatments. The firm has been noted to provide healthy rewards as an extra add on benefit when you sign-up for the Proactive Living program.  

Claim Process for the Cigna TTK Health Insurance: 

Steps to Be Taken 
STEP 1: 
Informing Officials

When you are claiming an insurance policy benefit from the Cigna TTK Health Insurance firm, you should first start with contacting the free help line. It is usually recommended that you contact the firm at least 3 days in advance before claiming the policy benefits. This will allow the Cigna TTK health professionals to work with you and walk you through the entire process. In case there is an emergency, this rule is much more relaxed and you can contact the office within 48 hours of the contingency. 

STEP 2: 
When you will be arriving at the network hospital you will be expected to provide proper identification with all the necessary documents. You must present your Cigna TTK Health Card along with copies of your photo ID in order for you to avail your insurance claims. Then the hospital will be verifying your identity after which they would be getting in touch with the Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company in order to proceed with the hospitalization process. You can download your health card online from the Cigna TTK website. 

STEP 3: 
Request Forms
After proper verifications have been done, the hospital will decide to contact Cigna TTK as stated in the point above. There will be a preauthorization form that will be sent by the authorized hospital that would have details of the patient’s medical history, the kind of treatment that is necessary and also the estimated treatment costs. 

STEP 4: 
Contact with the Hospital
Once the form has been received by Cigna TTK, the company will process the claims applicable. Firstly, the information that has been provided by the hospital will be verified and only if the information is sufficient enough for Cigna TTK, it will process the claims. If there is some information missing, that has not been provided, the company will get in touch with the network hospital in order to understand the requirements better. 

STEP 5: 
Claims Service Associate
If a claim has been made and everything checks out fine, a service associate from the Cigna TTK Company will be getting in touch with you to complete all necessary formalities including paper works and forms whenever necessary. 

STEP 6: 
Discharge Procedure
When it would be time for discharge the hospital would be providing a final request of authorization for any kind of extra amount to be paid along with the final hospital bill. When there is a final authorization letter from Cigna TTK, you will be discharged. 

STEP 7: 
Payments Made
Once the hospitalization process is completed, the hospital will provide Cigna TTK with a list of original documents. The claim will then be assessed and the final payment will be made. 

It is of no doubt that by making such a clear and transparent claim process, Cigna TTK deserves all the awards it has won. If you are looking for an insurance policy that would cater to your personal needs, Cigna TTK is certainly worth a try. 

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