Monday, 21 May 2018

Top 10 Health Insurance Companies 2018

With the sky rocketing prices, inflation and the uncertainty of any disease affecting you, it has become very important to have a health insurance. In this article here, let’s talk about the best health insurance companies.
Health Insurance Policies And Royal Sundaram
Royal Sundaram health insurance offers multiple options to choose from for yourself and your entire family. The plans are affordable and very flexible too. They have different financial options to suit your exceptional needs. In case of Royal Sundaram mediclaim also, you increase your insured sum automatically each year, even if you used the Royal Sundaram mediclaim. The best thing is that you can choose from basic health insurance plans to specialist medical insurances in some cases where the entire maternity benefits are offered as well.
Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Review
A subsidiary of Sundaram Finance, Royal Sundaram is also known as Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited. Formally known as, Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited. Royal Sundaram has been providing exclusive and innovative insurance solutions and plans to individuals, families and businesses across various domains.
With Royal Sundaram you can buy car, personal, health, home, accidental, travel or even two wheeler insurance online. Yes, Royal Sundaram has all these insurnaces available online for the people to use. Royal Sundaram insurance customer care is also available for helping people with their queries 24 by 7.
Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Policy Details
Here let’s discuss about the benefits or advantages of Royal Sundaram mediclaim:
·         In Royal Sundaram mediclaim or medical insurance, pre and post hospitalization charges are taken care of partially by the insurance provider.
·         There are 147 day care procedures covered in Royal Sundaram mediclaim.
·         The network hospitals of Royal Sundaram are really great. They have tie ups with more than three thousand (3000) hospitals. With these networked hospitals or with most of them, there is an advantage of cashless hospitalization.
·         There is a lifetime renewal available in Royal Sundaram mediclaim.
·         Royal Sundaram mediclaim has income tax benefits under section 80D.
·         The claims process of Royal Sundaram mediclaim is ISO certified. This makes the process more streamlined and very standard too.
·         In case of hospitalization after an accident, the Royal Sundaram insurance provides up to 50 percent additional insured sum for the treatment of procedures.
·         You can also get a cumulative bonus in case you did not claim your insurance for anything for the year. The bonus is between 5 to 50 percent.
·         Royal Sundaram insurance covers the maternity very well.
Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Renewal
Royal Sundaram health insurance is very easy. You need to do your Royal Sundaram health insurance login. Post that, you should enter your Royal Sundaram health insurance policy details wherever asked after answering few basic questions about yourself.
Royal Sundaram health insurance premium chart can help you determine which Royal Sundaram health insurance you would be interested to invest in. Royal Sundaram health insurance customer care is also always there to help you out in case of any concerns.
Once you have the filled in the required details on the Royal Sundaram health insurance login, you should be able to do your Royal Sundaram health insurance renewal within minutes. You can also check your Royal Sundaram health insurance policy status online.
Royal Sundaram Health Insurance – Who Can Be Covered?
·         The proposer of the plan can be anybody who is above eighteen (18) years of age.
·         The Royal Sundaram health insurance policy covers the applicant, spouse, and up to 4 children who must be between 91 days of birth up to 25 years of age.
·         In Royal Sundaram health insurance there is no restriction on the maximum age for your entry in the plan. That is, if you are of any age above 18, you can choose your Royal Sundaram health insurance plan.
Why Health Insurance
Health insurance is very important these days because:
·         If you or your family member faces an unexpected serious injury or illness, then that could be very expensive. With the help of health insurance, the cost can be shared.
·         Because you have a health insurance plan, you are most likely to get your regular checkups done on time.
·         With your health insurance you get good medical care in timely manner. This makes it the most important reason on why you should have a health insurance plan.

Gone are the days when people did not know the cure of diseases and many would die. In today’s world, there is a cure for almost everything and your life is a precious gift. You should take care of your body and yourself in the best way possible, health insurance is a part of that. Hence, always choose your health insurance plan wisely. It helps you in the longer run and in a very good way. Don’t think of it as a dead investment. You never know when you need it the most.

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