Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Best Health Insurance Plans For Young Couples

It can be a little complicated when you are trying to decide on a health insurance plan for yourself. With so many health insurance plans available for the young couples, it can get a little daunting to choose one from the many available.

Many health insurance schemes like L&T health insurance offer you many benefits and what best suits you and your partner's requirements needs to be listed down first before you buy a health insurance plan.

The health industry has its own set of jargons, and most of us are not familiar with the terms. These jargons are used in the health insurance plans which is bound to leave you all messed up. There are also plans like L&T health insurance that give you various options to choose from.

You could pay a big premium or choose to pay less and get less coverage. In order to go through and sort between the various plans can be time-consuming. However, there are a few ways by which the task can be made easier.

Insurance Offered By The Employer
If your employer offers you insurance, then it is best that you deal with it instead of buying an L&T health insurance policy in the open market. Your employer’s health insurance scheme will give you access to many plans and also offer you a lot of coverage which you may not be able to get on your own. You can pay for the premium with the pre-tax money. In case you both work then also find out if it is best to go for two separate policies or opt just for one.

Pre-existing Condition
If you have any pre-existing ailment or have some limitation on the coverage, then you will see that your health insurance options are very limited. You can thus buy a health insurance plan using the high-risk pool. These charge a higher premium than the non-high risk insurance plans.

Most of the health insurance companies like L&T health insurance will have a waiting time before you can claim for any pre-existing illness. The waiting period differs from one company to the other. This can range from 2 to 4 years. Always choose those policies that offer a lesser waiting period. Also, most of the health insurance plans will not reimburse for any treatment that was done within 30 days of buying the health insurance.

When buying the L&T health insurance check that it gives adequate coverage to you as well to your partner. This should be judged based on the current high cost of healthcare. You should never sacrifice the coverage to save on premium. Even at times when you see the same sum assured you will have different health insurance companies that will offer different premium. Instead of opting for one that gives you the cheapest plan; look for those that give you better features in the health insurance plan. If you pay extra by a little amount, you can enjoy additional benefits.

Cashless Facility
Before you buy a health insurance plan, ensure that it gives you the option of going cashless at the network hospitals. Most of the health insurance plans will give you a reimbursement as well as the cashless facility. It is advisable that you opt for a cashless facility given by L&T health insurance policy because you will not have to make any payment to the hospital from your own pocket.

This also saves you from a lot of paperwork and the hassles to claim your money. First, check the network hospitals in the city where they offer cashless facility and also check if the hospital is located in close proximity to your residence.

Annual Bonus
If you had a year that was claim free then the companies that you have taken your health insurance from offers you a bonus on the sum assured for the next year. Sometimes the cumulative bonus even adds up to 50 percent. Make sure that you buy the health insurance plan that offers such a facility.

Room Rent
Like the L&T health insurance, most of the health insurance companies will place a cap on the hospital room rent that can be availed daily. This is usually set at 1 percent of the sum assured. The figure, however, differs from one company to the other. So where you will spend your time in a hospital will depend on what your sum assured is.

Medical Examination
The health insurance policies will ask most of the individuals over the age of 45 to go for a medical checkup before the insurance companies agree to sell them the policy. If your medical report is not good, then the insurance company may also decline to sell you the policy. The age limit will vary from one health insurance provider to the other.

If you are thus choosing a health insurance policy for yourself as well as for your partner, then it is important to go through the plan offered by various companies to be able to make an informed decision. If you and your spouse are young, then you will get adequate coverage in a lesser premium and thus choose the one that offers better benefits.

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Monday, 20 November 2017

6 Simple Ways to Save a Lot of Money in India

They say- money saved is money earned. We couldn’t agree more. With the increased purchasing power, it has become really difficult for us to manage our finances. Most of us struggle to earn with our monthly income. By 21st day of every month, most of us are running out of cash.
Are you one of those people who have no bank balance and imbalanced finances? Yes?
Take a deep breath.

Most importantly, don’t worry.
We all make mistakes during the initial years of our employment. It takes time to learn money management. Start with planning your finances and cultivate wise spending habits so that you won’t end up with spending all of your hard-earned money.
This article will help you to manage your finances and save a lot of money. Let’s get started.
    1. Buy Health Insurance

It is a must to have health insurance plan. You never know when you need medical services since you can’t predict such things in advance. Keeping the surging medical costs in mind, it is an absolute necessity to get medical insurance coverage for you and your family. As compared to the insurance premium, hospital bills are way too much at times.
      Go Prepaid
If you have a postpaid plan, you end up overpaying. It is difficult to track your usage and you have to wait to get your bill in order to track it. You can’t curb your spending as you need to activate a plan to avail the telecom services on your phone. Over-exhausting your data plan can cost as much as thousands in a month.
Switch to a prepaid connection and say bye-bye to postpaid one.
     Shop With A List
How many times you have gone to buy one thing and you came back with so many? Maybe it’s the advertisements or maybe it’s your shopaholic nature that makes you buy more. To control your shopping bills, make a list and buy according to that. It is a good way to curb impulsive buying
           Make Budget
We agree that tracking expenses and budgeting is a totally boring task. The process is boring but the results are fruitful. Once you get used to it, then it won’t be that boring as it will consume little time.
     Tax Benefits
Everybody wants to save money on taxes. The government has introduced a wide range income tax saving ways. Some people find it difficult to understand it and they don’t get to enjoy the tax benefits.
PPF, insurance premiums, 5 years fixed deposit with banks and post offices offers taxes benefits.

6       Go Online
Book For Movies, Travel, Hotels etc. and avail discounts with the help of your credit card, e-wallets, and promo codes. Travel booking websites offer mind-blowing deals that can help you save a lot of money.

We hope these tips are helpful to you and your fianc├ęs are managed well. If you have any money saving tips, we would love to hear it. Drop your tips in the comment section. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

How to Choose a Family Health Plan in 15 Minutes or Less?

Nobody else in this world can take up your parent’s place. They strive hard to bring you up and give you a healthy and prosperous life. But when they cross the age of 60 and above, it becomes your responsibility as their child, to buy a health insurance policy for them.

I’m sure you are wondering:

“Where would I find the best mediclaim policies in India for my elderly parents?”

Well, it isn’t as difficult as it appears! With a lot of websites providing easy comparison of such mediclaim policies, it has become easier than ever to pick the best for your elderly parents.
Amid the growth of critical illnesses succumbing to their age and environmental hazards in the country, Mediclaim in India is no more a choice, it has become a necessity! Especially, if you are a working professional, then getting your parent’s health insured is essential to secure their life in case of any medical emergencies, accidents, unforeseen health circumstances or chronic diseases.

But before you jump guns and start looking out for a mediclaim policy for them; it makes sense to get acquainted to some vital tips that can help you to pick the most beneficial one:

Things to Consider Before Buying Mediclaim in India for your parents:

Age Limit: It’s important to secure your ageing parents’ health for a long run. Look for a policy which offers cover to senior citizens from the age of 60-80 years and an assured renewal above that. Hence, if you want to give them a protected health insurance plan, you can pick the mediclaim policy offering renewal for lifelong or with the maximum age limit.

Critical Illnesses: It can be a devastating time for anyone, if any, of the family members is diagnosed with critical illnesses like cancer, kidney or renal failure, heart ailments or stroke. But to counter the financial turmoil, taking up a critical illness plan, which covers such conditions can be a life savior for your parents.

Former illnesses: No mediclaim in India will cover all the health problems. Ascertain the clauses, inclusions and exclusions along with terms and conditions, to ensure that ‘as much is covered’. Make sure, that the policy includes those ailments which your parents already have and continue to cover in the long run or at least for few years of the policy.

What all should be covered in your mediclaim plan?

Generally you should look out for:
  • List of network hospitals.
  • Inclusions during hospitalization like medication, overall treatment fees,     ambulance, room charges etc.
  • If it covers special treatments like chemotherapy, dialysis, etc.
  • Post discharge medical expenses, though the number of days may vary as per the amount of policy
  •  All the former illnesses which your parents might have should be covered since the beginning. Apart from the diseases for which mediclaim is not provided immediately, but after one year, from the commencement of the health insurance policy

         Do not go for a very economical health insurance plan, as it may not be of no use in future. Look for a policy which gives your elderly parents maximum coverage from the diseases which are on priority in your checklist.

Giving your parents a secured healthcare treatment can be the best expression of love, care and security towards them. Choose the best senior citizen mediclaim which suits your needs and your parent’s health requirements in near future. There is no one fit-to-all policy, but you would need to analyze what is inevitable and what is avoidable. Your parents’ gifted you this life, it’s time you can secure their life and health by buying a suitable mediclaim policy.

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Add Your Elderly Parents to Family Floater Plan

With ever amplifying medical inflation, every family needs an adequate health insurance. Nevertheless, it is the most perplexing thing to decide whether to take individual family health plan or a family floater.

Family floater health insurance is a cover that takes care of all medical contingencies and prolonged hospitalisation costs for the entire family under one single policy. Usually, the insurance companies allowed two adults and two children in a family floater plan, while some have designed their plans in a manner that it covers four adults, which adds your elderly parents as well. However, choosing a single floater plan for the family with your senior citizen parents has its own shortcomings.

However, opting for a single floater plan for family with elderly parents has its own drawbacks. Here’s why, you should opt for separate medical policy for senior citizens to enjoy maximum of health benefits. Here are some reasons why you should buy a separate health plan for your aged parents:
          Only a few insurers offer such plans, making it difficult for the buyers to compare various features and benefits to stop in a good deal.
·        Floater plans have entry age limit, which is 65 years at the maximum case. If your parents cross 65, you cannot add them in the plan.
·       Also, the premium is based on the age of the members. In case of senior citizen, it is by any means is higher, So, including elderly people means paying a considerably higher premium.

·       Health insurance policies require you to serve waiting period of 2 to 4 years to cover pre-existing conditions. In case a senior citizen with severe pre-existing condition requires to claim the policy, the claim wouldn’t be accepted without serving the waiting period.

·       In addition, to avail a plan, your parents will be needed to undergo pre-policy medical health check-ups. Based on the report only, the insurer decides whether the person is eligible or not.
·         No Claim Bonus is awarded if there is no claim made by the policyholder. However, with elderly people, possibility is you need medical assistance and by making a claim you lose out the benefit of NCB.

·      The coverage may not enough for you. A cover of Rs 15 lacks may suffice the requirement of 4 people but may not suitable for 6 people. In case one of the members is unwell and requires to be hospitalised, the other member may not be left with enough cover for future use. Hereby, if you are planning to include your elderly parents in your family floater plan, make sure that you increase the sum insured at the same time.

The way out:
Finding a way out, we suggest you should buy separate health plans that are specially designed for senior citizens, rather including your aged parents in a floater plan. You can buy an individual health plan which cover your spouse and children and a separate plan for your parents. The most alluring part is, you can avail tax benefits for two separate health plans now, up to Rs. 25,000 on premium. According to Section 80D, you can avail tax benefit up to Rs. 30,000, in case your parents are senior citizen.

So, better avoid all the promotional traps. Do your own research, land on a good deal for your elderly parents and save more!

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How I Realised the Importance of Car Insurance: My Experience

How do you respond to a sudden lose if you find your car windshield broken?

Buying a car is one of the most expensive investments that you made for entire life. You invest your hard-earned money, so always want to protect it. Even a single scratch or dent may be a huge concern for you. I am telling this from my personal experience when one fine day I found my car windshield cracked to a worse condition. But, thankfully, my insurance company New India Assurance helped me on the repair expenses incurred. So, I think of explaining my experience throughout the process, how I went about it and get reimbursed for whatever I spent.


One Sunday morning, when I took the car keys to drive to bring some groceries, after being seated, I noticed a crack in my car windshield. While inspected closer, I found the windshield was cracked badly. Slices of glasses everywhere on the floor. Scoundrels had damaged my ten-month-old Honda city ZX, the previous night. It is a mess now and not in a condition to use-even though no fault of mine.

It was not a small crack that I could ignore it but required instant attention.

What’s Next?

I came to know from one of my friends that there are specialised windshield experts who provide adequate services in such cases. They take care of broken glasses, repair, replacement or fitting of the new windshield. Thanks to the internet that it took no time to find windshield experts who also take care of car insurance related formalities. This way I also found the service centres nearby to my residence. The person came for inspection, told the crack is major and the glass would need to be replaced.

Thankfully I’ve Comprehensive Insurance

At the time you own a car, you must have car insurance, preferably comprehensive one. Comprehensive car insurance policy covers damages caused to your car, what a regular third-party insurance won’t. Damages due to an accident, vandalism, fire, man-made calamities or natural calamities, all are covered under this policy. Thankfully, under my comprehensive car plan, I was eligible to make a claim for glass replacement, which covered the expenses incurred in reappearing and replacing the glass. All need I had to do was to file a claim.

Cashless Garage- Yes, You’ve Heard Right

Surprised? But, yes! Online general insurance companies have direct dealing with garages where they offer cashless services. It means you can avail services without paying a single penny. My neighbor availed cashless car services recently, where he didn’t pay anything to repair his car. The insurance company directly deal with the garage authority and pay the bill. The best part was it is one of the network garages from where he bought his car insurance and nearby to his home. Now he can access the services with ease.

I hope this incident of mine inspires you and you too realise the worth of a car insurance policy. God forbid, if you ever find your car bumper or windshield broken, you know how to handle it!

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Key Benefits of Having Oriental Insurance Online

Gone are the days when buying a general insurance policy meant the involvement of an advisor to decide your insurance goals and priorities and then opting for the plan based on his/her suggestion even if you don’t understand it completely. The ever-rising financial awareness and easy access to digital technology have changed the complete scenario. Now you can buy an insurance policy online even if you are not a financial pro.

Every Indian insurance service providers offer multiple online insurance plans with 24x7 customer care service. This helps you to choose the right plan. Ever after they introducing the live chat thing, it has become more convenient to talk directly for assistance. Moreover, buying insurance online is cost-effective and one can save time as well.

If talking about online insurance services, Online Insurance Company is one of the oldest yet efficient insurance service providers in the market. If you’re thinking of taking insurance plan online and if Online Insurance Company is in the list, then you should know the below advantages of choosing oriental insurance online over traditional method:

Enjoy Low Premium

No matter how financially conscious insurance seeker you are, the premium cost is always a high priority for everyone. Purchasing insurance online can help you get the plan at a cheaper rate. In other words, there will be no intermediary commission in the online purchase as you directly buy the policy from the insurer. The insurance company hands over the cost benefit to the policyholder in a form of discount on premium.  Since the premium is something that you require to pay every year, it is an added benefit if your premium is set for a cheaper rate.

Compare the Policy Online

With a plethora of insurance companies joining the race of providing insurance services, it is a big question how do you choose the best deal?

The answer lies in how much you’re active in comparing the shortlisted plans. If you choose a health plan from Oriental Insurance and one from Apollo Munich, you should visit the aggregator websites which help you compare the plans on such parameters like benefits offered, features, claim settlement process, premium rate etc. With online process, it is easier to compare the pros and cons of every policy and choose the plan with maximum benefits that meets your requirements.

Convenient to Buy

The online purchase comes with the comfort that is unparalleled. You can buy a plan at any time from the comfort of your home or office or even while travelling. With live online chat facility, you can get every possible assistance about a plan and can pick up the best plan for you. Also, you’ve enough time to read and understand the well-documented policy terms and conditions before buying it.

Moreover, while going online, you fill all your personal details by own. So, chances of error are fewer. Even if there are some, online system has made it easier to revise and update the new information as per your comfort.

Easy Documentation and Less Paperwork

One can experience easy documentation and simple paperwork with online purchasing. Thanks to digital technology, all documentation related formalities are done electronically. The policy seekers fill an online form and submit it, pay the policy amount online via credit or debit card. This means no hassle of getting photocopies of your Ids or other KYC documents and you can upload the required documents in no time.

Eve, you need not to be net-savvy, your insurer will update on your purchasing process via helpline numbers, making the process customer-friendly.

No Possibility of Mis-selling

Insurance has been the most notorious for many due to wrong use of the system in the past by insurance agents to avail commissions. In online process, you are directly dealing with the insurance company and get to know about every detail of a plan. So, very few chances of being mis-lead. Insurance helpline supports you throughout the process and guides you through the best policies that meet your requirement.

The evolving digital era has made it much easier for the insurance seekers to buy a policy. The process is more transparent these days. Buying insurance policies online come with many benefits that one shouldn’t miss. Apart from busying comfort and transparency, the most alluring factor is that it is cost-effective. So, whenever you think of purchasing an insurance plan, be it general or term, go for online process and stay digitalised! 

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Monday, 13 November 2017

Why is it Important To Buy Personal Health Insurance?

"Buy health insurance when you don't want it, because you may not get it when you want it."

At present, most of the salaried professionals get health insurance coverage by their employer. A majority of such employees are highly dependent on corporate health insurance coverage in case of hospitalization.

Though, they fail to analyze their medical insurance needs and don't understand the benefits of buying a health insurance plan. Insurance experts recommend that professionals should go personal health coverage as well.
A senior citizen mediclaim policy is a must when your parents are financially depended on you. A basic health insurance plan won’t be able to offer the insurance coverage that senior citizens require.

A health insurance plan offers risk cover against expenses incurred by any medical urgency. Medical inflation and the inability to buy sufficient amount of health coverage can easily turn a medical emergency in a financial emergency

Here are the 2 common mistakes people make when they buy health insurance.

1.       They don't buy it when the time is right.
2.  When they realize their mistake, they over-compensate by purchasing way too much insurance coverage.

Here are the points that signify the importance of buying a health insurance plan.
1.       Insurance coverage of the health insurance policy offered by your employer

Majorly, the organizations provide its employees with a basic medical insurance coverage. The basic coverage provides insurance coverage for minor diseases. The basic coverage is inadequate when it comes to covering a major medical emergency.

2.       Validity of the health insurance offered by your employer

The validity of medical insurance coverage offered by your employer ceases to exist the moment you leave your organization and your current organization becomes your previous organization. A job change, (God forbid) job loss, retirement etc. are the situations that will leave you with no insurance coverage. During such times, you would have a huge amount of hospital bill and no insurance coverage. You’ll have no option but to bear the healthcare expenses from your own pocket.

3.       Early Bird Catches the Worm

In order to enjoy insurance benefits, buy health insurance when you are young. Chances will be high that you won’t have any pre-existing illness. As a result, your insurance premium would be minimum and insurance coverage would be maximum.

4.       Tax benefits

One of the best thing about buying health insurance is the tax benefit. As per section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act, Health insurance premiums payment qualifies for tax redemptions. People who are less than 65 years old can claim to enjoy tax-benefits up to 15,000 Rupees.

The Bottom Line

Tax benefits shouldn’t be the sole criterion to buy personal health insurance plan.

Before you buy personal health insurance coverage, analyze your insurance needs and the then go for the plan that fulfills your health insurance needs.

Don’t just buy the first plan you come across. Compare health insurance plans online without any inconvenience. The sum assured depends on your insurance requirements.