Tuesday, 1 January 2019

6 Things to Do After A Car Accident in the UAE

Accidents can happen any time. No matter how careful you are and how alert you seem to be, a small slip is all it takes for a mishap to take place. However good a driver you are, you must always be prepared to deal with such a situation and the risk that it brings with it at all times.

If you are in the UAE, here's a guide to what you should do immediately after a road accident to ensure that your address woes are answered in case you're the victim and you take the right action in case you're another party involved in the accident.

One thing that must keep in mind is that you should always take a car insurance and keep it up to date. This insurance will help you financially in case your car gets damaged. A car insurance also ensures that you have something to fall back on when tragedy strikes. As a thumb rule, you must also keep a first-aid box in the car glove compartment for minor wounds and bruises. If you're calling an ambulance, it might take a long time to come because of Dubai highways. For major injuries, you will have to call an ambulance but if it is something minor, it is better to give first aid on spot and then drive down to the nearest medical facility.

Here are 6 things that you should do in case you are in a car accident in UAE.

Stop Wherever You Are

If you are in an accident, the first thing to do is stop, irrespective of how minor it is. Park your car to one side of the road and get out of the car. Make sure your car engine is switched off and the hazard lights are on to alert other drivers that you are there. There are safety cones available on Dubai's high speed highways. If you find one nearby, make sure to place it near the accident spot to alert other commuters and drivers. It is essential that you stay calm and not be panicky because that would just worsen the situation. Lastly, remember that even if you are the person who has hit someone or a car, you should never speed away to escape the scene. It can later get you into more trouble and many drivers have faced the consequences of this strict law.

Check for Injuries

As soon as you have parked your car, look if you have any minor or major injuries. This is not just limited to external ones like cuts and bruises. You may have bumped your head or hit your stomach. These can cause internal injuries and bleeding which may prove to be fatal. Once you have checked yourself, look out for others involved in the accident. Gauge the severity of their injuries and make sure that they are safe. In case the injuries are minor, tend to them immediately with first aid. If somebody is in a critical condition, call the police at the emergency helpline 999. They will respond to your distress call and will arrange an ambulance for as fast as they can.

If the car crashes in a remote or congested highway, Dubai police has the facility for an air ambulance. This service can be called for in case of an extreme emergency.

Do Not Panic or Lose Your Cool

In a crucial condition like a car crash, it is always best to stay calm and not panic. Try not to get into a brawl with anyone or arguments with other car drivers involved in the accident. Assess the situation to the best of your logic and take all necessary action. Co-operate with the police when they question you and help them with all possible details even when you know that you're the one who's at fault.

Give All the Information That You Have

The RTA in UAE asks for all necessary details like name and address of all people and vehicles involved in an accident. In the aftermath of a mishap, make sure you share all such information as quickly as possible. If you can, share the details of other people involved in the accident too.

Another thing that you should always keep in mind is that the accident was not your fault alone so must not take the full blame on yourself. Try and recall the events that unfurled during the accident and give them to the police as clearly as possible. Taking blame for what you haven't done may only land you in unnecessary trouble.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent

The best thing to do after you stabilize a bit is to call your car insurance company. Your insurance agent will be able to help you more and they can get first hand information of the accident when you call then and there. They can also help you deal with the police. Calling your insurance agent immediately will also avoid unnecessary hassles later on when you have to claim it.

File a Police Report

Once you have sorted the initial bits, file an accident report in the nearest police station that you can reach to. A minor accident also needs to be reported right away. It speeds up the insurance claiming process and will also allow you to prove that you were in an accident later on if you want to.

Dubai police has an app called 'Report Minor Accident from Phone' available on all smartphones. It is convenient to use and allows users to report minor accidents without visiting a police station. In case you are in one, make judicious use of that and report the accident immediately.

Finally, you may skip calling your insurance agent in the midst of all the chaos. It's quite natural but in case you do, make sure you have collected all the data from the accident site. Use your phone to take pictures and note down the car details like the model number, color, number plate and registration. You should also do this for other cars involved in the crash for any future reference. Try noting down contact numbers and names of any eye witnesses who can help you with any future investigation. And finally, be safe so that you do not hurt yourself or others more and seek immediate medical help.

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