Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Max Bupa Health Insurance Benefits

This is a fact that the cost and price involved in purchasing healthcare policies these days is definitely high. Medical emergencies are seen to be approaching us at any point of time making us undergo the worse experiences of life thus leaving us broken and devastated. Health insurance policy is the savior which can help one stay safe and relieved without coming under any financial burden when emergencies come. But when it is emotional loss, unfortunately health insurance wont be able to provide any coverage. Health care policies are great supporters for them who face medical emergencies just like that and dependent on financial aids from othersfor survival.

Medical insurances

While talking about India, it is one of the fastest growing countries in economy and this happened because the earning potential of Indians have increased.
Although comparatively, Indian people are leading life in better state these days, but when it is about covering medical expenses, no one wants to shell out money in greatest measures.
Simultaneously based upon the relatives or asking help from friends at the time of emergencies would definitely not be a good idea. This is where health insurances come into picture.
Med-claims or Mediclaims are of great help during emergencies, these policies offer wonderful assistance not only to the policy holder but his entire family.
This however offers complete peace of mind to the family of the affected person. Expenses to treat even simple diseases are seen skyrocketing and during emergency almost everyone seeks to have best treatment.
This however leads to the situation where one is likely to exhaust all the savings and soon getting into financial crisis. Max Bupa Health Insurance is here providing remarkable coverage.

Health Insurance for Tax Benefits 

In order to propagate the health insurance idea, varying benefits are offered and one prominent benefit of having health insurance is enjoying tax benefits, under the section of 80D section.
The premiums you would be paying will have them deducted from annual Tax submission. So for tax savings, health insurance policies are great relief.
Health insurance policies are available in two major types, individual health policy and family policy. There are other policies which you may like to have like Mediclaim Policy  or Critical Illness Policy’.
The moment one is hospitalized Mediclaims help a lot, but the patient should not be having any preexisting medical condition. However India today is experiencing boom in health insurance industry. Hence it is really mandatory for us to decide the health insurance plan wisely and prudently.
Hence, it is really important for us to find out health insurance policy right after proper research.

Why Max Bupa

Max Bupa is known to offer one of the best health insurance policies which right away reimburse the cost of the entire medical treatment when the person is injured or down with deadly disease.
Max bupe helps in meeting hospitalization expenses so as to meet the day care treatments.
While referring to the key features of Max Bupa Health Insurance  one will find wide range of coverage ranging from 2 lacs to Rs.50 lacs.
When its about enrolment there is no age limit, the policy is meant to offer coverage to everyone even to senior citizens and newly born.
There is practically no requirement for policy renewal also no third party administration in order to process the claims. Max Bupa also offers child care and maternity benefits. With such facilities it is best to buy the health insurance right before it is too late.
Now there on the official website of Max Bupa everything is detailed, one needs not to ask anyone just go through the points and charts, case studies and things will be clear still if there is any query the online chat facility is provided.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Top General Insurance Companies Approved By IRDA in India

Insurance plans are now an integral part of our financial planning. By taking various insurance plans, we are insuring the happiness of your family. Apart from life insurance, there are general insurance or non-life insurance policies to protect your property from fire, theft, manmade crimes or natural calamities. Personal insurance policies are primarily required to cover accidents and medical expenses. Liability insurance is designed to cover legal liabilities and maintains your financial stability simultaneously.

Here we are going to take a look at some of the top rated general insurance providers approved by IRDA.

New India Assurance Company Limited
The company was founded by Sir Dorabjit Tata and incorporated in the year 1919. New India Assurance Company Limited is wholly owned by the government of India. It is the largest general insurance company of India in terms of the gross premium collection including the foreign operations. The company has a huge network of 1600+ offices across the country.

National Insurance Company Limited
National Insurance Company Limited was formed in 1906 but it was nationalized in 1972. It is one of the oldest general insurance providers of the country. Operated and regulated by Government of India, the company gained trust of million with their versatile range of general insurance plans. It is the only PSU in the area of non-life insurance companies. Impressive claim settlement rate of the company is the key factor behind their grand success.

Oriental Insurance
This general insurance company was founded in the year 1947. In its initial years, the Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. was a subsidiary of Life Insurance Corporation of India from 1956 to 1973. In 2003, the Government of India acquired 100% shares of the company from General Insurance Corporation of India. Oriental Insurance has a strong base all over India through a vast network of 1800+ offices and more than 14000 employees.

United India Insurance Co. Ltd.
The United India Insurance Co. Ltd. is solely owned by the Government of India. This company started its operation in 1938 and till date it is serving the country with its useful and effective general insurance plans. The company has more than 2046 operational branches scattered all over India. It offers faster and convenient claim processing because of its 18000+ employees. Thanks to its strong customer base all over Asia, it has gathered gross premium of approximately 9709 crores in the financial year 2013-2014.

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Ltd.
Founded in 2001, Tata AIG General Insurance Company has climbed up the ladder leaving behind many other companies. Key factor behind growth of the company is the wide range of innovative insurance policies. Recently Tata AIG General Insurance Company launched a strategic initiative called “Go Digital” that simplifies the process of policy sales, renewal and claim settlement.

L&T General Insurance
L&T General Insurance Company Limited commonly known as L&T Insurance operates under complete undertaking of Larsen & Toubro Limited. The Company was founded by two engineeres Soren Kristian Tuobro and Henning Holck-Larsen in 1938. Both of the founders were of Danish origin. It is the largest general insurance company in India in private sector. In 2009, the company was listed in the Forbes “World’s most Reputable Companies” and in 2012 it was awarded with Golden Peacock National Quality Award on leadership and quality governance.

Agricultural Insurance Company of India Ltd.
Founded in 2002, Agricultural Insurance Company is the largest crop insurer of India. It comes with several crop insurance policies that cover all major cereals, many annual commercial/horticulture crops and oilseed crops under the National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (NAIS). It also offers Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS) as a part of government crop insurance scheme.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Reasons to choose Max Bupa for Health Insurance Plans

Your good health is the most prized possession that you can have and you must look to put your health over your wealth and other important possession. To help you on this facet, there are many companies that offer health insurance at affordable rates. One of the most suitable options for you in the market is Max Bupa Health Insurance which has made quite a name with its services.

The company offers different types of health insurance plans to meet the needs of each and every one of you. Bupa Health Insurance has various benefits that make it a go to plan for most of you and here are some of them which may help you to choose your health insurance wisely:

Flexi insurance plans:

One of the first things that stand out with the Max Bupa Health Insurance is that they offer with both long and short term cover for your needs. You can easily opt for the annual insurance plans or 2 & 3 year plans as well when you do not want to take the headache of renewing time and again. Max Bupa Premium Calculator also makes it easier for you to calculate the premium just in a matter of minutes which is very much liked by you guys.

No sub limit for rooms:

This is another very eye catching option which is there on offer from the Bupa Health insurance to make sure that you can get yourself or your family members admitted in any hospital without any kind of problems. You can make use of the Max Bupa Premium Calculator which will help you to know the added benefits that you will get for a very low premium amount. Most of the insurance companies have a threshold limit for the hospital accommodation which makes things a bit complicated and limits the option for you.

Online buying facility:

This is the other important thing with the health insurance plans as the Max Bupa Health Insurance makes it easier for you to buy insurance just in a few minutes on their website. The company offers one of the most user friendly and hassle free online portals to make sure that customers do not have to devote great amount of time in buying the insurance plans.

Max Bupa Premium Calculator is also available on the online portal which makes it quite easy for you to calculate the premium amount that you have to pay on your health insurance plan. It offers very unique way to calculate the premium and you just need to enter the details of the insurance over that you are looking to buy and Max Bupa Premium Calculator will help you with the premium amount in a matter of minutes. The portal is available for you 24*7 so that you can buy the insurance at any time of your own convenience. It has dedicated executives that are dedicated for the customer service round the clock and you can get in touch to get over any kind of confusion that you may have with the insurance cover.

Renewal bonus:

This is another very exciting feature of the Max Bupa Health Insurance Plan as you get high no claim bonus when you renew your health insurance with the company. Renewal of the health insurance is also very simple and can be done with the help of online means also. 

On the long term insurance plans, It offers you with some great discount which is actually 12.5% when you are buying the two year plans so that you have greater benefits when buying health insurance.