Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Reasons to choose Max Bupa for Health Insurance Plans

Your good health is the most prized possession that you can have and you must look to put your health over your wealth and other important possession. To help you on this facet, there are many companies that offer health insurance at affordable rates. One of the most suitable options for you in the market is Max Bupa Health Insurance which has made quite a name with its services.

The company offers different types of health insurance plans to meet the needs of each and every one of you. Bupa Health Insurance has various benefits that make it a go to plan for most of you and here are some of them which may help you to choose your health insurance wisely:

Flexi insurance plans:

One of the first things that stand out with the Max Bupa Health Insurance is that they offer with both long and short term cover for your needs. You can easily opt for the annual insurance plans or 2 & 3 year plans as well when you do not want to take the headache of renewing time and again. Max Bupa Premium Calculator also makes it easier for you to calculate the premium just in a matter of minutes which is very much liked by you guys.

No sub limit for rooms:

This is another very eye catching option which is there on offer from the Bupa Health insurance to make sure that you can get yourself or your family members admitted in any hospital without any kind of problems. You can make use of the Max Bupa Premium Calculator which will help you to know the added benefits that you will get for a very low premium amount. Most of the insurance companies have a threshold limit for the hospital accommodation which makes things a bit complicated and limits the option for you.

Online buying facility:

This is the other important thing with the health insurance plans as the Max Bupa Health Insurance makes it easier for you to buy insurance just in a few minutes on their website. The company offers one of the most user friendly and hassle free online portals to make sure that customers do not have to devote great amount of time in buying the insurance plans.

Max Bupa Premium Calculator is also available on the online portal which makes it quite easy for you to calculate the premium amount that you have to pay on your health insurance plan. It offers very unique way to calculate the premium and you just need to enter the details of the insurance over that you are looking to buy and Max Bupa Premium Calculator will help you with the premium amount in a matter of minutes. The portal is available for you 24*7 so that you can buy the insurance at any time of your own convenience. It has dedicated executives that are dedicated for the customer service round the clock and you can get in touch to get over any kind of confusion that you may have with the insurance cover.

Renewal bonus:

This is another very exciting feature of the Max Bupa Health Insurance Plan as you get high no claim bonus when you renew your health insurance with the company. Renewal of the health insurance is also very simple and can be done with the help of online means also. 

On the long term insurance plans, It offers you with some great discount which is actually 12.5% when you are buying the two year plans so that you have greater benefits when buying health insurance.

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