Monday, 26 September 2016

Compare features and benefits of New India Assurance and L&T General Insurance

One of the most important things that you need to do in order to have the best insurance is by having some shrewd comparison between the plans. With a number of companies now plying their trade in the insurance sector, you are not short on the options and this is what helps you in getting some very good offers. One of the most reliable companies in India which you may look for is New India Assurance which is backed up by government of India. The company offers good benefits to its customers and the claim settlement process is also very simple.

But you must have a look on the private players as well and the L & T insurance group can be a very suitable option that you have.  You must check every feature and plan in details to have a better understanding of which one is beneficial for you. To help you further on making the right choice about the firm that you shall look for, here is a shrewd comparison between the plans that are offered by the New India Assurance and L & T insurance company:

One of the first and most important things that you need to have a look in is the ease with which you can buy your general insurance. New India Assurance offers you with an easy way as you can easily make the bookings from the internet as well. This makes it quite easy for you to buy the policy within a matter of few minutes. With the L & T insurance though, the things are even better for you as you can also have an online chat with the experts through the internet which helps you to choose the plan with ease. The company also offers you help and step by step assistance over the selection and bookings.

Another very important prospect that you needs to look in is the bonus that you have at the time of renewing your policy.  The New India Assurance Company offers you with a loyalty bonus when you are renewing the policy to make sure that you have subtle benefits at the time of renewing the insurance plans. With the L & T insurance as well, there are some good bonus offers that are in place but the former trumps it in this matter as the offers provided by them are worthier.

One of the other very important things with the L & T insurance is that they can help you a great deal when it comes to assist over the international travel. The company has got number of branches across the globe especially in Middle East which enables it to offer you better help be it medical condition or any other related problem. They have got collaborations with the top hospitals across the globe that helps you through the means of cashless hospitalization. With the New India Assurance though, the things are not the same as they do offer medical assistance but their reach throughout the globe is not that wide as the former.

Another very important feature of the insurance policy which is offered by the L & T Insurance is add on cover by paying some extra premium that helps you to cover several other aspects as well. These add on covers include damage to the public property or private property because of your car or providing cover for injury or death of the third party. The New India assurance also offers cover for the injuries and death to the third party, the plans do not cover the damage to the public property though in add on cover.

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