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Cholamandalam MS General Insurance - Compare Plans

Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Group is a combined endeavor of Murugappa Group and a Japanese Insurance group called Mitsui Sumitomo. All variety of insurance products is available in this company constituting health plans, engineering and marine motor insurance covers, accident cover, property and liability insurance and so on. 

The great performance of Cholamandalam Insurance is stood upon the pillar of trust and transparency. PolicyBazaar customer testimonials evident its outstanding performance and customer services over several years.

Key Features and Benefits of Chola MS General Insurance

Apart from huge range of policy products offered by Cholamandalam Insurance group, it has earned its reputation by offering great customer service and support. 

Cholamandalam Insurance mainly targets to achieve customer satisfaction with their insurance products. Check out the general features and benefits of Cholamandalam Insurance plans:

Cholamandalam Insurance is the only Indian company which has received ISO certificate over motor claim.
It offers without cash settlement to its customers.
With Chola Insurance policies you can receive online profile services.
You can avail claim settlement via online forms in Chola groups of insurances.
Enjoy 24*7 customer service in Chola insurance policies.
It offers extensive cover and allows availing add-ons in your chola policy.
Chola insurances are easy to purchase.
Avail roadside assistance with Chola groups of motor insurance plan.
Great third party settlement cover.

Various Products of Cholamandalam MS General Insurance

From health cover products to car insurance, from home security cover to travel protection plan, Cholamandalam Insurance provides almost every possible insurance product to its much valued customers.

Cholamandalam Individual Insurance Products

Chola Car Insurance –Car plan provides comprehensive protection of the car along with the third party liability expenses. Moreover, get roadside assistance on car breakdown.

Chola Travel Insurance – Cholamandalam insurance group provides a wide range of travel covers – short period business and leisure travels, long time coverage for students studying overseas and insurance to corporate frequent travelers.

Chola Personal Accident Insurance – This insurance plan provides coverage to expenses related to accidents. It pays out weekly compensation amount in case of loss of job due to accident.

Chola Home Security Plan – This plan takes care of the protection of your home from the damage inflicted by both natural calamities and man-made activities.

Cholamandalam Corporate Insurance Products

Chola Group Health Plan – This group health plan provides modest cover to group of people. It also pays out death and disability benefits to the insured people.

Chola Engineering Insurance Plan – Chola Insurance Group provides insurance for those employees who work for building and engineering companies. Since these employees have to deal with heavy machineries and electronic devices, the companies are liable to provide protection to their workers.

Property Crime Chola Insurance – This insurance plan by Cholamandalam group insures the valuable properties and assets of a company. It gives out compensation to restore the damage or loss of company valuables due to man-made or natural disaster.

Chola Marine Insurance – This is the best and the oldest insurance of the Chola group. It covers the transportation of marine cargo throughout its journey in the sea.

Chola Fire Protection Insurance – This plan is also most availed corporate product which provides cover to the damage and loss of a company due to fire breakout and also from fire caused accidents.

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Plans:

Cholamandalam Healthline – This plan is available for both individual and family. In this Healthline plan by Chola group the primary insurance holder can include his family members such as spouse, children, parents and also in-laws.

Swasth Parivar Cholamandalam Insurance – This is an all-inclusive Chola Insurance plan that covers all expenses related to treatment, hospital admission charge, etc. The insured can also add personal accident add-on in this plan.

Tax Plus Cholamandalam Healthline Policy – This Cholamandalam policy covers both hospital admission expenses and the costs of OPD. This health plan is accessible for individual as well as a family floater. This plan is available from ₹1lakh and 50 thousand.

Family Healthline Cholamandalam Insurance Policy – This plan is more a family floater option that covers expenses of allopath and ayurvedic modes of treatment. It allows maximum sum insured for family floater ₹15lakhs.

Individual Healthline Cholamandalam Plan – This is a comprehensive individual health plan offered by Chola group which not only takes care of the cost of treatment, hospital admission expenses but also covers your general eye and hearing troubles. Maximum insured sum in this plan could be ₹10lakhs.

Cholamandalam Healthline Top-Up – This top-up plan insures extra medical expenditures of an individual as well as family.

Cholamandalam Critical Healthline Policy – This plan is basically a fixed payout plan which gives lump sum amount once the policy holder is detected with critical illness.

Hospital Cash Cholamandalam Healthline Insurance – This plan covers the expenses related to the hospital admission.

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