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Oriental Insurance Policy Renewal

The Oriental Insurance Company is a public insurance company under the Government of India. The main specialties of the company include in designing plans for huge projects like chemical plants, steel plants, and power plants. 

The company has around 3 regional offices and more than one thousand eight hundred operating offices spread across the country. The company also has overseas operations in three neighboring countries.

The Different Types of Oriental Insurance Policy

With an expert team and smooth operations, Oriental Insurance Company provides several insurance plans. The categories in which Oriental Insurance Policy are provided include General Insurance and 

Motor Insurance
Health Insurance
Shopkeeper Policy
Householder policy
Policies for business offices and traders
Policies for Industries
Agriculture and Poultry insurance policies
Insurance for animals and birds
Marine operators policy

Motor Insurance by Oriental Insurance Policy

Apart from general insurance, motor insurance plans offered by Oriental Insurance policy are sought after. There are two kinds of motor insurance plans offered by Oriental Insurance. 

The Private car insurance is a package for private cars. This plan covers liability to the third party apart from providing personal accident cover to the driver.
The two-wheeler insurance covers accident, loss or theft of your two-wheeler apart from liability to a third party and personal accident cover. 

Health Plans by Oriental Insurance Policy

Oriental Insurance Policy offers a variety of health plans with affordable premiums and a wide coverage. The additional riders help you enhance your coverage at a low cost. The different types of health plans by Oriental Insurance Policy include:

Individual Mediclaim Policy
Group Mediclaim Policy
Health plans for privileged Elders
Family Floater Plans
Overseas Mediclaim Plans
Health plans for senior citizens

Other General Insurance Products by Oriental Insurance Policy

Oriental Insurance Company also provides several other general insurance products that include: 

i. Householder Insurance
Householder insurance policy is a plan that offers protection for your house along with the components depending on your choice. This single plan covers ten departments and the policyholder can choose any three types of cover.

The ten kinds of coverage used are against fire, house-breaking and burglary, all risks, against damage to domestic appliances, personal electronic gadgets, personal accident and public liability. 

ii. Shopkeeper Insurance Policy
Shopkeeper insurance by Oriental Insurance Policy is for owners of small-sized and medium-sized stores. This plan protects the property and other components of the store depending on your choice. Protection is provided against fire, loss of money, loss or damage to the contents through housebreaking, loss or damage to the neon signboard, breakage of the fixed glass plate, personal accident, public liability, protection against damage to electronic equipment, liability to employers etc. 

Other unique general insurance products by oriental insurance in the industrial sector include:

iii. Engineering Insurance
iv. Industry insurance
v. Aviation Insurance
vi. Marine Insurance

Some general insurance products by oriental insurance in agriculture and animal husbandry include:

vii. Cattle Insurance
viii. Dog insurance 
ix. Aquaculture insurance
x. Coconut palm insurance 
xi. Kissan Package insurance

Oriental General Insurance Renewal Procedure

When you renew your oriental general insurance or any other insurance online there are some handsome discounts that are subjected to certain terms and conditions.  

The following are the steps to successfully renew your general insurance policy or motor insurance or health insurance online on the Oriental Insurance Company website.

Go to the Oriental Insurance web portal and click the renewal page
There are two options for insurance renewal: one is the renewal of the current policy with Oriental and the other option is the renewal of policy that was originally issued by a different insurer. The second option is for the customers who would like to switch over to Oriental Insurance.
Choose the relevant option to proceed with the renewal
Follow the instruction given on screen and navigate rightly
With the last click, the customer is redirected to a third party payment gateway.
Once the procedure is complete you will receive a confirmation.

Once the payment is received by the Oriental insurance company, an e-copy of your insurance policy is sent to your email address. This copy will be digitally signed. Apart from this, s signed and sealed hard copy will be mailed to your residential address.

The documents required to renew your policy online successfully include:

Current Policy documents 
Bank account details
Card details
Mobile for OTP passwords 

In case you forget to renew your general insurance policy or any other policy within the given term a fresh insurance can be taken for all expired policies. 

In case of a motor insurance, the vehicle will be inspected by the company representatives before issuing a fresh policy. The same applies to all other policies. This inspection, however, comes at an extra cost. 

It is important to check the expiry date of all your policies and renew it on time to avoid mishaps in the future.

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