Thursday, 5 April 2018

Health Insurance Essentials for Business Owners

Medical insurance provides financial security to employees. The unforeseen risks are covered by the group policy offered by the employer. The employer will also manage a group policy to take care of self and family needs. However, the group policy will not cover critical illness and other benefits. If the business owner suffers sickness or disease which is not covered by the insurance plan, there will be a huge financial loss. It will affect the profitability of the organization as well. Hence, a prudent business owner will go for the best insurance plan as per his or her needs!

Benefits of individual health insurance plan

There are many benefits with an individual health insurance plan. The stress levels in the corporate sector are very high and you should take steps to manage good health. In spite of taking best precautionary measures, it is impossible to prevent sickness or disease. The rising healthcare costs will also compel you to go for a comprehensive insurance policy so that you will have great peace of mind. You can buy Hdfc Ergo Health Insurance plan online and the company offers the best support for filing claims. The existing primary health can be supplemented by going for top-up and super top-up plans.

Review your insurance requirements

A wise business owner will assess his current and future health insurance needs. The premium paid on health insurance should be considered as an asset but not a liability.
As a business owner, you should fulfill the insurance needs of your employees as well as your own needs. You should go for the best group insurance policy to offer protection for employees. An individual policy should be subscribed to protect the business owner’s interests as well.

The selection of health insurance plan
  •        The selection of health insurance plan should be done as per your budget.
  •        The requirements of the business owner, his/her family members, employees and dependents should be fulfilled by the policy
  •        There are certain benefits which should be included without fail and certain benefits can be considered as optional
  •         The group health insurance plan can be 100% sponsored by the employer or a portion of the premium can be borne by the employee
  •         The budget of the business for group insurance plan
  •         The differences between your family and the employers in terms of requirements of health risk coverage should be figuredout.

Affordable group insurance plan

After subscribing a group insurance plan, most of the general sicknesses and illnesses will be covered. The greatest advantage of the group insurance is that the existing ailments will be covered by the insurance company. However, you should go through the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy very carefully so that there will not be any disappointment in the coming days!
The group health insurance plan is very much affordable. The premium amount will be low and the coverage will be high.  In fact, the premium amount will decrease with the increase in the number of subscribers.

Top-up health insurance plans

Employees, as well as business owner, can go for a top-up plan to enhance the coverage. If the group policy covers an amount of Rs. 2 lakh, the insurance cover can be extended further by going for a top-up plan. The premium for the top-up plan will be very low. If the hospitalization expenses are above the maximum cover offered by the first insurance plan, the remaining amount will be paid by the top-up plan.

It is possible to subscribe the super top-up plan as per your needs. The super top-up allows you any number of claims as long as the total claim amount does not exceed the sum assured.

Best health insurance policy

You can buy best health insurance plan from many insurance companies such as Hdfc Ergo Health Insurance.

  •         A wide range of health insurance plans (silver, silver regain, gold, gold regain, super top up, and classic) are offered by the HDFC Ergo.
  •         The indemnity benefits offered by the plan include rehabilitation, follow-up medical investigation, dietary supplements, purchase of ergonomic furniture, modification of house, blood pressure monitoring devices.
  •         The critical illness plan covers heart attack, stroke, coronary artery bypass surgery, cancer, paralysis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Multiple sclerosis, and Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.
  •         The comprehensive health insurance policy covers the cost of hospitalization. It will cover the in-patient treatment and pre and post hospitalization expenses as well. It is also possible to cover day care procedures and domicile treatments with the help of the insurance plan.

As per the advancement in technology, the treatment cost has increased. Hence, it is advisable to cover critical illness with an individual policy. The group insurance will give protection to common ailments. It is very much important to assess your health needs and you can go for best Hdfc Ergo Health Insurance plan for business owners

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