Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Key Benefits of Having Oriental Insurance Online

Gone are the days when buying a general insurance policy meant the involvement of an advisor to decide your insurance goals and priorities and then opting for the plan based on his/her suggestion even if you don’t understand it completely. The ever-rising financial awareness and easy access to digital technology have changed the complete scenario. Now you can buy an insurance policy online even if you are not a financial pro.

Every Indian insurance service providers offer multiple online insurance plans with 24x7 customer care service. This helps you to choose the right plan. Ever after they introducing the live chat thing, it has become more convenient to talk directly for assistance. Moreover, buying insurance online is cost-effective and one can save time as well.

If talking about online insurance services, Online Insurance Company is one of the oldest yet efficient insurance service providers in the market. If you’re thinking of taking insurance plan online and if Online Insurance Company is in the list, then you should know the below advantages of choosing oriental insurance online over traditional method:

Enjoy Low Premium

No matter how financially conscious insurance seeker you are, the premium cost is always a high priority for everyone. Purchasing insurance online can help you get the plan at a cheaper rate. In other words, there will be no intermediary commission in the online purchase as you directly buy the policy from the insurer. The insurance company hands over the cost benefit to the policyholder in a form of discount on premium.  Since the premium is something that you require to pay every year, it is an added benefit if your premium is set for a cheaper rate.

Compare the Policy Online

With a plethora of insurance companies joining the race of providing insurance services, it is a big question how do you choose the best deal?

The answer lies in how much you’re active in comparing the shortlisted plans. If you choose a health plan from Oriental Insurance and one from Apollo Munich, you should visit the aggregator websites which help you compare the plans on such parameters like benefits offered, features, claim settlement process, premium rate etc. With online process, it is easier to compare the pros and cons of every policy and choose the plan with maximum benefits that meets your requirements.

Convenient to Buy

The online purchase comes with the comfort that is unparalleled. You can buy a plan at any time from the comfort of your home or office or even while travelling. With live online chat facility, you can get every possible assistance about a plan and can pick up the best plan for you. Also, you’ve enough time to read and understand the well-documented policy terms and conditions before buying it.

Moreover, while going online, you fill all your personal details by own. So, chances of error are fewer. Even if there are some, online system has made it easier to revise and update the new information as per your comfort.

Easy Documentation and Less Paperwork

One can experience easy documentation and simple paperwork with online purchasing. Thanks to digital technology, all documentation related formalities are done electronically. The policy seekers fill an online form and submit it, pay the policy amount online via credit or debit card. This means no hassle of getting photocopies of your Ids or other KYC documents and you can upload the required documents in no time.

Eve, you need not to be net-savvy, your insurer will update on your purchasing process via helpline numbers, making the process customer-friendly.

No Possibility of Mis-selling

Insurance has been the most notorious for many due to wrong use of the system in the past by insurance agents to avail commissions. In online process, you are directly dealing with the insurance company and get to know about every detail of a plan. So, very few chances of being mis-lead. Insurance helpline supports you throughout the process and guides you through the best policies that meet your requirement.

The evolving digital era has made it much easier for the insurance seekers to buy a policy. The process is more transparent these days. Buying insurance policies online come with many benefits that one shouldn’t miss. Apart from busying comfort and transparency, the most alluring factor is that it is cost-effective. So, whenever you think of purchasing an insurance plan, be it general or term, go for online process and stay digitalised! 

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