Friday, 17 November 2017

How to Choose a Family Health Plan in 15 Minutes or Less?

Nobody else in this world can take up your parent’s place. They strive hard to bring you up and give you a healthy and prosperous life. But when they cross the age of 60 and above, it becomes your responsibility as their child, to buy a health insurance policy for them.

I’m sure you are wondering:

“Where would I find the best mediclaim policies in India for my elderly parents?”

Well, it isn’t as difficult as it appears! With a lot of websites providing easy comparison of such mediclaim policies, it has become easier than ever to pick the best for your elderly parents.
Amid the growth of critical illnesses succumbing to their age and environmental hazards in the country, Mediclaim in India is no more a choice, it has become a necessity! Especially, if you are a working professional, then getting your parent’s health insured is essential to secure their life in case of any medical emergencies, accidents, unforeseen health circumstances or chronic diseases.

But before you jump guns and start looking out for a mediclaim policy for them; it makes sense to get acquainted to some vital tips that can help you to pick the most beneficial one:

Things to Consider Before Buying Mediclaim in India for your parents:

Age Limit: It’s important to secure your ageing parents’ health for a long run. Look for a policy which offers cover to senior citizens from the age of 60-80 years and an assured renewal above that. Hence, if you want to give them a protected health insurance plan, you can pick the mediclaim policy offering renewal for lifelong or with the maximum age limit.

Critical Illnesses: It can be a devastating time for anyone, if any, of the family members is diagnosed with critical illnesses like cancer, kidney or renal failure, heart ailments or stroke. But to counter the financial turmoil, taking up a critical illness plan, which covers such conditions can be a life savior for your parents.

Former illnesses: No mediclaim in India will cover all the health problems. Ascertain the clauses, inclusions and exclusions along with terms and conditions, to ensure that ‘as much is covered’. Make sure, that the policy includes those ailments which your parents already have and continue to cover in the long run or at least for few years of the policy.

What all should be covered in your mediclaim plan?

Generally you should look out for:
  • List of network hospitals.
  • Inclusions during hospitalization like medication, overall treatment fees,     ambulance, room charges etc.
  • If it covers special treatments like chemotherapy, dialysis, etc.
  • Post discharge medical expenses, though the number of days may vary as per the amount of policy
  •  All the former illnesses which your parents might have should be covered since the beginning. Apart from the diseases for which mediclaim is not provided immediately, but after one year, from the commencement of the health insurance policy

         Do not go for a very economical health insurance plan, as it may not be of no use in future. Look for a policy which gives your elderly parents maximum coverage from the diseases which are on priority in your checklist.

Giving your parents a secured healthcare treatment can be the best expression of love, care and security towards them. Choose the best senior citizen mediclaim which suits your needs and your parent’s health requirements in near future. There is no one fit-to-all policy, but you would need to analyze what is inevitable and what is avoidable. Your parents’ gifted you this life, it’s time you can secure their life and health by buying a suitable mediclaim policy.

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