Thursday, 16 November 2017

How I Realised the Importance of Car Insurance: My Experience

How do you respond to a sudden lose if you find your car windshield broken?

Buying a car is one of the most expensive investments that you made for entire life. You invest your hard-earned money, so always want to protect it. Even a single scratch or dent may be a huge concern for you. I am telling this from my personal experience when one fine day I found my car windshield cracked to a worse condition. But, thankfully, my insurance company New India Assurance helped me on the repair expenses incurred. So, I think of explaining my experience throughout the process, how I went about it and get reimbursed for whatever I spent.


One Sunday morning, when I took the car keys to drive to bring some groceries, after being seated, I noticed a crack in my car windshield. While inspected closer, I found the windshield was cracked badly. Slices of glasses everywhere on the floor. Scoundrels had damaged my ten-month-old Honda city ZX, the previous night. It is a mess now and not in a condition to use-even though no fault of mine.

It was not a small crack that I could ignore it but required instant attention.

What’s Next?

I came to know from one of my friends that there are specialised windshield experts who provide adequate services in such cases. They take care of broken glasses, repair, replacement or fitting of the new windshield. Thanks to the internet that it took no time to find windshield experts who also take care of car insurance related formalities. This way I also found the service centres nearby to my residence. The person came for inspection, told the crack is major and the glass would need to be replaced.

Thankfully I’ve Comprehensive Insurance

At the time you own a car, you must have car insurance, preferably comprehensive one. Comprehensive car insurance policy covers damages caused to your car, what a regular third-party insurance won’t. Damages due to an accident, vandalism, fire, man-made calamities or natural calamities, all are covered under this policy. Thankfully, under my comprehensive car plan, I was eligible to make a claim for glass replacement, which covered the expenses incurred in reappearing and replacing the glass. All need I had to do was to file a claim.

Cashless Garage- Yes, You’ve Heard Right

Surprised? But, yes! Online general insurance companies have direct dealing with garages where they offer cashless services. It means you can avail services without paying a single penny. My neighbor availed cashless car services recently, where he didn’t pay anything to repair his car. The insurance company directly deal with the garage authority and pay the bill. The best part was it is one of the network garages from where he bought his car insurance and nearby to his home. Now he can access the services with ease.

I hope this incident of mine inspires you and you too realise the worth of a car insurance policy. God forbid, if you ever find your car bumper or windshield broken, you know how to handle it!

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