Tuesday, 12 December 2017

What Are The Best Health Insurance Provider In India

People are facing the dire consequences of inflation. The expenses are at an all-time high. Due to inflation people are facing a yearly increase of 15% on medical treatments alone. With the sudden rise and fall of employment, people need a form of stability.
HDFC Health Insurance strives to provide the very same in the hour of need. It intends to give financial security and quality healthcare to people along with access to expenses like daycare treatment, hospitalization etc. even OPD expenses are covered by HDFC Health Insurance. People could even save a lump amount of INR 55,000 yearly from the tax under section 80 D by opting for HDFC Health Insurance.

Philosophy For A Peaceful Life
At HDFC Health Insurance, it is understood why peace is important for a satisfying life. People should be able to spend every moment of their lives without having to worry about the future. Everyone cherishes even the smallest moments like the moments spent playing with their kids or even the smallest stroll through the park with their parents. At HDFC Health Insurance, the motive is to help people accumulate scores of such memories without the worry of unpredictable sudden medical emergencies.

Solutions To Ensuring Good Health…Hamesha!
HDFC Health Insurance motto is ensuring good health…hamesha! This is achieved by a comprehensive Health Insurance Plan. Now HDFC Health insurance has made sure to meet everyone’s healthcare needs be it, individual or family. The health insurance plan - Care, has been designed to protect the client and client’s family from financial emergency due to a medical issue. This ensures that the client has to only concentrate on their recovery and to be worry-free from the other complicated procedures related to their treatment when they are not well.

Cover At Every Step
HDFC Health Insurance understands that expenses are not solely restricted to when hospitalizations happen. It starts right from the time of diagnosis and continuous up to even after the discharge until the patient has fully recovered. The health insurance intends to stand with the client for the entire journey and not the hospitalization only.

Coverage During Diagnosis
HDFC Health Insurance provides a coverage of expenses till 30 days before the actual hospitalization. The Care program ensures that the client is covered for the entire financially draining procedures of investigative tests as well as routine medicine. It is a known fact how physically and emotionally draining these procedures can be, as a result, HDFC Health Insurance wishes to remove some of the stress surrounding the medical emergencies away from the patient.

Transportation Coverage
HDFC Health Insurance is very well aware of the importance of getting the patient on time to the hospital. Thousands of patients’ lives are lost yearly due to the lack of transportation or because the family were unable to provide for transportation. In order to make sure such a misfortune does not befall its clients’, the Care package makes sure that all expenses incurred while availing a domestic road ambulance during a client’s hospitalization are reimbursed properly. Not only that, but few plans in HDFC Health Insurance also offers to cover expenses for availing Air Ambulance, if it has been prescribed by the doctor.

Single Day Hospitalization Coverage
All the expenses like ICU charges, room charges, surgeon’s fees, doctor’s fee, nursing expenses are covered. Even medicine related expenses like anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges are also covered. If the patients get admitted as inpatient care for a period of 24 hours minimum on a consecutive hour basis, the expenses get covered by the Care plan.

Other Coverage
HDFC Health Insurance also covers nearly 540+ day care procedures. Basically day care procedures are defined as the treatments that a patient is required to undergo, but there is no necessity for the patient to be hospitalized for 24 hours or more. The package also covers the room rent. Every cent that is spent for staying in the single or private room is reimbursed. In fact, the Care package also allows upgrade of room if there is a need or it has been recommended by the doctor treating the patient. Patient need not worry about the ICU charges either. Even that is covered under the package. The only worry for the patient is on how to recover completely at earliest possible.

After Hospitalization Coverage
The patient is not completely declared cured even if he has been discharged; they have to keep up with the follow-up medicines and checkups. Neither does the expenses stop immediately at discharge also. Hence HDFC Health Insurance provides a coverage of 60 days Post hospitalization coverage plan which covers all expenses that arise from doctor fees, tests, medicines etc.

Home Hospitalization

In case the patient is in a condition which restricts his transportation to the hospital and has to be treated at home, even that gets covered by the HDFC Health insurance for medical expenses that are accumulated for treatment at home for a period of three consecutive days. This is to ensure nothing delays the critical treatment that the patient deserves.

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