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Maternity Cover is Indispensable: Here’re the Reasons

Maternity is one of the most precious moments for a woman. It is a crucial time when one needs to plan about few things and financial planning tops the list. After all, quality maternity care is what a pregnant woman only needs to ensure good health of the mother as well as the infant. Sometimes good maternity care and medical treatment can be availed after a huge monetary drain in most of the private hospitals in India due to medical inflation. Even if one bears the same, rearing a child is again an expensive affair. Therefore, a well-structured maternity insurance policy will not only ease off the growing expense of childcare but also allow you to enjoy each moment of this blissful feeling without panicking about the financial burden.

 However, there are mediclaim policies such as Star Health Mediclaim Policy, Apollo Munich Mediclaim Policy, Religare Mediclaim Policy, Bajaj Allianz Mediclaim Policy and so on. However, some of them cover maternity, while some others offer it as an add-on benefit. But whatever it is, it is essential especially for those who are working couples and planning to enter parenthood at their later age.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Maternity Insurance Plan

We guess the below reasons are enough to justify the need of a maternity plan:

It Acts as a Financial Back-up

A maternity plan covers medical expenses related to both normal and caesarean delivery. So, you ensure about no financial stress throughout. Some policies even cover pre and post hospitalisation costs, up to 30 and 60 days respectively. These plans also provide coverage for doctors fee, surgeon’s fee, room rent, anaesthetist consultation, nursing cost etc.

Private Hospitals are Way-expensive

When it comes to maternity, preference is given to private hospitals over the government. It is again a costlier affair as private hospitals these days seem to be expensive due to the world-class health care. Sometimes, it beats the five-star hotels in terms of tariff and luxury. A normal delivery in these hospitals could cost between 50,000-70,000 while in case of caesarean it costs around Rs. 40,000-80,000 or more. Moreover, maternity complications are highly erratic that you can’t assume what affects the final costs. Here comes your maternity benefit plan that works as a soothing balm.

Covers the Infant From the Day-1

No health insurance policies cover newborn baby until they turn 90 days old. That’s why owning a maternity plan benefits you as it cover the infant from the day-1. With some policies, you can avail cover for the vaccination costs from the time baby born till the last date of the policy.

Helps You in Entering the New Phase without a Financial Burden

Today’s generation appreciates having a family with proper planning. Most couples tend to delay their baby planning due to the expenses that come along with a baby. But with insurance plans that come with sub-limit, you can plan your family without bothering for financial burden. Also, some insurance companies also offer maternity benefit within its family floater plan. In this case, if your spouse is already covered, you can add your child as well.

Usually, your insurer will allow you to purchase the maternity only when you conceive. They may reject your application if you are already pregnant. Again, one has t o serve the defined waiting period for avail the benefits of maternity insurance plan. 

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