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Protect Your Family with Star Medi-Classic Insurance Policy

The importance of a health insurance plan in our lives cannot be underrated. We need it, we want, we know the worth of it. Still, with the everyday hustle and bustle, we tend to ignore our health or take it lightly to own a medical insurance plan. But believe us, it is a serious business! With the ever growing medical treatment prices or in the era of medical inflation, where treatment costs seemed to be sky-high, only a health insurance plan can rescue you by providing financial protection is a crisis time.

As thousand of insurance companies have entered the market with lots of attractive health plans. It might be difficult for one to choose the best deal. However, among the leading health insurers, Star Health is a reputed name that has been serving since ages and able to win the trust of the customers. Star medical insurance policy or health insurance policies are worth investing on because of the health benefits it offers. In this article we discuss Star Medi-classic Insurance plan, which is an individual health insurance policy, offered by Start Health.

Star Medi-Classic Insurance Policy- at a Glance

Policy Name: Medi-classic Insurance Policy

Policy Tenure: Tenure is available for one year and two years. 5% discount is imposed on policy premium for two-year policy on the payment of two-year premium.

Policy Benefits:

Hospitalisation Cover
Add-on Benefits
Auto-restoration of Sum Insured
Family Package
Medical Check-up
Pre-existing Illness Cover
The policy offers in-patient hospitalization cost, room rent, cost of surgeon, consultants, medicines and drugs, Anesthetist, nursing and boarding etc.
Insured can avail patient-care benefit for the person above 60 years old.
You can avail restoration benefits in case the sum insured is exhausted but the policy tenure has not expired yet.
For every claim-free year earn NCB bonus of 5% up to the maximum of 25%.
You can avail family package benefit from 15 days to 45 years.
Free health check-up benefits on every four claim-free years.
Pre-existing illness is covered after  48 days, only if the policy is continued without any break.
Ambulance charges up to specific limit
It pays for the attendant costs after discharge for maximum 5 days per hospitalization and 14 days as per policy period.
The auto restoration of sum insured will be done to the original amount only once. Restored sum insured can be used for remaining policy period if any illness occurs
In case of any claim during the tenure, the earned bonus will be reduced by 5%.
The sum insured in equally allocated to each family members and Medical check-ups are done based on the Sum Insured
This benefit is only available for sum insured of Rs. 2,00,000 or above
HIV positive persons can be added only if the CD 4 count is above 350.
101 day-care treatment
Also avail hospital cash benefit for each hospitalization day
Optional New Born Baby cover is also there
Non-allopathic treatment cover up to defined limit

Why Star Health Policy?
  • ·         Settle your claim without an agent. In-house claim settlement is provided.
  • ·         Quick and tranquil claim settlement
  • ·         Avail cashless hospitalization at more than 8200 network hospitals in India
  • ·         Maintain your personal health record digitally.
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