Wednesday, 12 April 2017

What are the Benefits of Oriental Health Insurance?

Oriental Health Insurance Co. Ltd. was established in the year 1947. It is serving its customers and constantly attracting new and different customers. This private insurance company offers various types of general insurance products that protect the customers against different types of unfortunate events.

Health insurance plans offer coverage against extra expenses incurred due to medical emergency. Oriental health insurance plan are comprehensive in nature, along with the hospitalization bill and coverage for day care procedure it also offers free health check-up, ambulance expenses and much more.

Check out the benefits of a Oriental Health Insurance plan below:

·         Hospitalisation expenses are covered under health policy offered by Oriental Insurance.
·         It covers the expenses incurred due to room expenses up to 1% of sum assured,
·         ICU expenses are also covered up to 2% of sum assured.
·         Expenses incurred due to Surgeon, Doctor Consultant, Anaesthesia, Blood Oxygen, OT, Surgical, Medicines, Drugs, Radio/Chemotherapy, Prosthetic limbs or devices, Pacemaker, Laboratory Tests, Diagnostic Tests, X-Ray, etc.
·         This policy also covers ambulance charges up to 1% of the sum assured.
·         It covers Organ donor hospitalisation expenses.
·         Oriental insurance health plan covers cost of Domiciliary Treatment, for a period of 3 days, provided at home
·         This policy also provides pre-hospitalisation expenses for 30 days before the hospitalization. It also offers post-hospitalisation expenses up to 60 days.
·         It covers pre-existing diseases after completion of a 4 year waiting period

Benefits Offered Under Oriental Individual Health Insurance Plan
Sum Assured Option

·         Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs, in increments of Rs.50, 000.
·         Rs.50, 000 to Rs.2 lakhs, in increments of Rs.25, 000.
             Hospitalisation expenses are covered
·         It also covers expenses incurred due to hospitalization for less than 24 hours when new methods of treatment are used. This is also known as day care treatments.
·         Room expenses and nursing charges up to 1% of sum assured
·         ICU expenses up to 2% of sum assured.
·         Expenses incurred due to following: Surgeon, Doctor, Consultant, Specialist Charges, Anaesthetist, Anaesthesia, Blood Oxygen, Surgical, OT and Diagnostic equipment, Drugs, Medicines, Dialysis, Chemotherapy/ Radio, Pacemaker, Laboratory Tests, X-Ray, Diagnostic Tests and other important necessities.
·          Ambulance charges 1% of the sum assured.
·         Organ donor hospitalisation expenses, but it does not cover the expense of organ
·         Over 25 day care procedures.
·         Domiciliary Hospitalisation: Treatment, for a period beyond 3 days, provided at home in lieu of hospitalisation due to lack of space at the hospital or inability to transfer the insured person to a hospital.
·         Pre-hospitalisation expenses: Up to 30 days.
·         Post-hospitalisation expenses: Up to 60 days.
·         Pre-existing diseases: After completion of a 4 year waiting period from policy inception.

Oriental insurance company provides some amazing coverage under its health insurance policy. You can also compare between its different policies according to your requirements. It provides online services which allow the customers to compare different and find a best suited plan from the market. It also allows the customers to buy or renew the existing policy online within a matter of a few minutes. For further assistance you can contact the customer care of Oriental Insurance Company or you can also take help from an insurance agent or broker.

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