Friday, 28 April 2017

Cigna International Health Insurance Plans

Cigna Health Insurance plans are designed to meet needs of you and your family with comprehensive core covers along with the flexibility of additional modules so as to help customers benefit immensely from the plans. The company offers support for well being of customers with a varied range of international products. One thumb up to Cigna Health Insurance as the company gives you the scope to build your own plan by following a few procedures. 

Step 1: Start by determining your core plan- Silver, Gold and Platinum 

Step 2: Boost your plan protection with the various optional modules such as International Outpatient, International Health and Wellbeing, International Dental and Vision and International Medical Evacuation. 

Step 3: Talk to an expert who can guide you through the step-by-step processes to choose the best policy online. 

What are the different Cigna Health Insurance plans available?

Core cover- The Core Cover three types of essential that include Silver, Gold and Platinum. These policies are aimed towards covering for inpatient, accommodation costs and day case surgery. Plus, there are essential coverage provided for mental health care and cancer. On the other hand, Gold and Platinum plans offer coverage for inpatient and daypatient maternity care. 

International Outpatient cover- This offers coverage for medical emergency and outpatient care that may erupt in situations when any hospital admission as inpatient or daypatient is not necessary. In addition to these, the cover also includes prescribed outpatient dressings and drugs, medical and specialist practitioners, pre-natal outpatient care and post-natal outpatient care, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, etc. 

International Medical Insurance- This type of insurance provides essential coverage for day patient, inpatient and accommodation costs along with coverage for mental health care, cancer, etc. The Platinum and Gold plans under the policy extend coverage for daypatient and inpatient maternity care. 

International Vision and Dental- This health insurance policy helps to reimburse for the beneficiary’s eye examination and reimburse for the costs of lenses and spectacles. The policy offers coverage for routine, preventive, and other mental treatments. 

International Health and Wellbeing- This type of health insurance policy provides coverage for examinations, tests, screening and counselling and also supports a great range of life crisis. Under the policy, customers are offered specially tailored support and advice through health risk assessment, online health education, etc. 

International Medical Evacuation- Under the health insurance policy, it provides coverage for the transportation costs that is incurred for taking a trip to the nearest medical centre in case the treatment required at the time is not available within your locality. The policy includes repatriation coverage, enabling the beneficiary to their country of nationality or habitual residence so as to be treated in a familiar location. The health insurance policy includes compassionate visits for partner, parents, siblings, child visit post any accident or any kind of sudden illness. Also, the beneficiary is entitled to receive the coverage if he has not been repatriated or evacuated. 

Go through the Cigna International Health Insurance plans and then buy the one that meet your demands.

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