Friday, 7 April 2017

Check out the best health insurance plans from Max Bupa

Owing to undisciplined lifestyle, human beings have become more prone to difficult medical conditions and because of this it is very important to safeguard your life with a comprehensive health insurance plan. Consider Max Bupa Health Insurance plans as the company aims at developing the finest and best health insurance plans that are designed to meet all types of needs of customers. The company is well-known for its exclusive expertise in clinical research, hospitals and life insurance, etc.

What are the different types of Max Bupa Health Insurance plans?

The list includes:

Heartbeat Insurance Policy for Individual
Health Companion Family First
Health Companion Individual
Heartbeat Family First Insurance Policy
Critical Illness Health Assurance Insurance Policy
Hospital Cash Health Assurance Insurance Policy
Health Companion Family Floater Policy
Personal Accident Health Assurance Insurance Policy

The above list show the best health insurance plans among other plans and policies sold in the market. Here, is a description of each policy.

Heartbeat Insurance Policy for Individual

it ensures coverage for two years persistently and also avail a discount,

cashless benefit within four hours at any of the network hospitals falling under this plan

the policy also covers newborn baby by default but there is no additional premium is required until the next renewal time

The policy offers maternity benefits for up to two babies. Remember, this is possible only if both partners are covered for two years under the policy

The policy extends coverage for medical expenses only if the insured family members are admitted to hospitals for treatment

The policy also reimburses medical charges that are incurred because of illness. Make sure that the tenure of treatment is 30 days pre hospitalization and 60 days post hospitalization once you get discharged

Health Companion Family First 

It covers all medical expenses incurred for family members hospitalized for treatments

The policy extends all day care treatments

The policy ensures coverage for hospital expenses that include capping of the charges, room rent charges, etc.

Under this insurance policy, all medical expenses incurred are compensated. However, make sure that the tenure of treatment should be 30 days pre hospitalization and 60 days post hospitalization

If you take 2 years policy, then under the plan, one can enjoy 12.5% discount on the second year premium

Any types of cashless hospitalization facility is available at one of the nearest hospitals

Health Companion Individual

The policy gives coverage of all kinds of hospital expenses including capping of charges, room rent charges, etc

Cashless facility at any of the network hospitals

All medical charges incurred due various medical conditions should be reimbursed

If insured family members are hospitalised then Max Bupa extends coverage for all medical expenses

Health Assurance Insurance Plan 

Under the plan, the insured is compensated with a lump sum amount if the person is diagnosed with critical illness and if he manages to survive 30 days post diagnosis

The policy offers direct claim settlement

Under the policy, the types of diseases covered include cancer, bacteria meningitis, first heart attack, major organ transplant, speech loss, permanent paralysis, stroke, deafness, bypass surgery, permanent paralysis of limbs, etc.

This articles explains the features of a few Max Bupa health insurance plans among many, Di research online to learn in details about the features of each plan and how you can benefit from them.

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