Monday, 5 March 2018

Seven Critical Factors to Compare Various Health Plans in India

Buying health insurance?
Getting confused?  
Don’t worry, we have got you covered. 

We can understand the problems that you’re facing in selecting the best medical insurance plan. At times, various insurance options available in the market make things really difficult for individuals. Since health insurance caters to your health, you shouldn’t take any risk with it. Try medical insurance option offered by Cigna TTK health insurance, they have formulated insurance plans to fulfill various insurance needs of it insurance buyers.  

Here are some seven important things that you must factor in at the time of purchasing a medical insurance policy. When comparing health plans, consider these points. 

1. Age limit

As we grow old, we get more exposed to the risks of falling sick. It is crucial to opt for the maximum age limit. It’s important that a medical plan offers its continuous coverage after you cross 65 years of age. In that age group, it is exhausting to purchase a fresh health insurance plan.

In case you wish to opt for a family floater plan and include your parents in the plan, it’s recommended select plans that come with lifetime renewability.

2. Network Listed Hospitals

Insurance providers offer cashless hospitalization in the event you get admitted to any network listed hospitals. Before buying a health plan, it’s absolute necessity check if any of the premiere network listed hospitals are there in your vicinity. 

In the event of a planned hospitalization, the distance of hospital doesn’t matter but it does matter in case of a medical urgency. 

3. Waiting Periods

Isn’t waiting is a super boring task? Nobody wants to wait to get the insurance benefits of a medical insurance policy. We don’t have any choice since health insurance plans come with a waiting period.  Waiting period prohibits you to file any claim as per your insurance plan. Waiting period depends on insurance provider to the insurance provider. 

4. Sub-limits

It means an insured person get coverage for the hospitalization bills up to a pre-decided limit. The policyholder has to bear the amount exceeding this limit. Save yourself from unpleasant surprises at the time of filing a claim by going through the sub-limit clause insurance plan. 

5. Day Care Procedures

Thanks to technological development, a patient can undergo a medical procedure and get discharged in a couple of hours. This type of treatment is daycare treatment. Different insurers provide coverage for different daycare treatments. Make sure you check it out. .

6. Add-on Features

Today, healthcare costs are sky high. It’s a necessity to go above and beyond the basic insurance coverage. You can opt for the insurance plan that offers various add-ons to enhance the umbrella of your medical insurance coverage.

7. Exclusions

Whatever your insurance provider doesn’t include in your insurance coverage becomes the exclusion. 

There are particular health conditions that aren’t covered by various health insurers. Read the policy wordings carefully at the time of comparing various health insurance plans. Make sure your medical condition (if any) isn’t excluded. 

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