Friday, 27 January 2017

Star Health Insurance v/s Cigna Health Insurance?

Looking for a health insurance that fulfils all your requirements at nominal premiums, then this article will definitely help you to find such two insurance plans in the market. These plans will cover you against expenses that might incur due to medical emergency.

I am sure when you think to buy a Health Insurance plan you get confused between number of plans available in the market. It is really tough task to select a single plan amongst 25 different companies.

Here this article will make your work little easier by listing the 2 top insurance providers in Indian insurance market; Star Health Insurance and Cigna Health Insurance.

Let us see the comparison between the benefits and coverage offered under these two plans, so that you can make a better choice according to your requirements.

Star Insurance Company is one of the reputed insurance providers in the market. The health insurance plans offered by this company provides comprehensive coverage with multiple benefits to its policyholders. Let us take an example of one of its health insurance which offers following benefits and coverages:

Star Health – Mediclassic

The Mediclassic is a well-known and most beneficial health insurance products offered by Star Health Insurance plan. 
The best benefit offered under this plan is the restoration benefit up to 200%.
Another coverage offered under this plan which makes it stand out amongst other is that it covers HIV positive persons. 
No Claim bonus is offered for every claim free year calculated at 5% of the basic sum insured, maximum it can go up to 25%. For your Family Floater Plan you can avail no claim bonus up to 25% for first year and 10% the second year.
Under this plan you can avail pre-hospitalization expenses that incurred before 30 days of hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses incurred after 60 days of hospitalization. Here you can get an ambulance cover of Rs. 1500 on every hospitalization.

Cigna TTK- Pro 

Health protect is the most renowned product offered by the Cigna TTK Insurance Company. This plan offers many attractive features, for example, World Wide Medical Emergency Cover, which provides coverage against your medical expenses when you are abroad. 

The Coverage provided under this plan depends up on the sum Assured chosen under the policy. The policy does not offer cashless treatment and therefore reimbursement basis applicable.
This plan is very useful for if you are a frequent international traveler and have chosen a good sum Insured under your Cigna TTK Health protect plan, because the overseas medical care are expensive. 
Another benefit of this plan is Cumulative Bonus for every claim free year.  This benefit offered by Cigna TTK insurance company would raise the Sum Assured by 5% for every claim free year without increasing the amount of the premium. You will exhaust this limit when the sum insured is increased up to 100%.
This plan provides rewards of staying healthy. 
You can avail Restoration of sum assured under Cigna TTK health protect insurance plan.
The plan also provides coverage against some expenses incurred on treatment before hospitalization and after hospitalization. It covers such expenses up to 60 days before hospitalization and up to 90 days after hospitalization. 
It also covers day care treatment expenses, (which require hospitalization for less than 24 hours), ambulance expenses up to Rs.2000.

On the basis of benefits and coverages offered under both Star health insurance and Cigna TTK Health Insurance policies, chose the plan that fulfills all your requirements. If you need any further assistance, read the details of their health insurance policies online or call the customer care or take helps from an agent or broker.

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