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Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Covers You Your Whole Life

Covering everything from maternity costs to old age hospital costs, Royal Sundaram’s comprehensive coverage takes care of all the costs that can be expected from the normal health issues of a family, and everything else that could happen unexpectedly.

An Overview

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance comes in various shapes and sizes. Individual health coverage will take care of many people, while the family floater plan is particularly suited for young couples who want to take care of their families.

Entry Age
18 years (91 months for dependent children)
No maximum age
Premium (individual)
Sum Assured
Depends on the plan
Depends on the plan
Policy Term
Renewable till Age

Why Should I Buy the Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plan

With a proper Royal Sundaram health insurance review, you can choose what sort of plan will be best for you and your loved ones. There are many loyalty discounts and coverage over a long period is bound to make you satisfied with the policy and let you rest peacefully.

Features and Benefits

The Royal Sundaram health policy benefits are many, from the set of policies that they give out.
·         Their network includes over 3000 hospitals, allowing cashless hospitalization
·         They have an ISO-certified process for claims
·         147 days of day care medical expenses are covered
·         Maternity benefits are covered
·         No maximum entry age, and no maximum renewal age
·         Both pre and post hospitalization benefits are extensive
·         Pre-existing diseases are covered after three consecutive years waiting period
·         Medical coverage includes ambulance expenses, organ donation procedure expenses, vaccination for animal bites and even worldwide emergency coverage under certain plans.
·         Accident coverage is present immediately after taking the policy
·         For accident claims, sum insured will be extended to an extra 50%


With age criteria, these policies are very broad

·         Anyone over 18 years of age can apply for this policy.
·         Dependent children from over 91 days up to less than 25 years of age can be covered for family policies.
·         There is no maximum entry-age for purchasing the policy.
·         A maximum of six members can be covered under a single Lifeline plan, including the primary member buying the policy.
·         Lifelong renewability is possible


Pre-hospitalization expenses covered for 30 days prior to the date of admission to hospital, and post hospitalization coverage for 60 months after discharge
Daily cash allowance for a maximum of 20 days under the Royal Sundaram Family Good Health Insurance scheme for each insured person
Convalescence benefits available, for all insured people up to a maximum amount per plan.
Emergency worldwide medical hospitalization available under the Elite plan.
Medical expenses for day care that does not require 24/7 hospitalization

Medical expenses will not be covered if
·         There are pre-existing ailments and related complications, for a period of 2-4 years.
·         There was abuse of intoxicants
·         Non-allopathic treatments
·         Cosmetic, aesthetic or related diseases

Documents Required
The application form needs to be filled up online, requiring a detailed history of past medical complications.

Under certain circumstances, a medical check-up will be needed. For many of Royal Sundaram’s Health Insurance policies, after a certain age the individual being insured will need to go through mandatory medical check-up.

Claim Process

For the claims process:

If it is not a network hospital, then Royal Sundaram Health Insurance office needs to be notified, either through helpline or email or online.

Along with the claims form, relevant medical documents such as:
·         Diagnostic documents
·         Doctor’s certificate
·         Discharge report
·         And other reports
Need to be submitted to the Chennai office

For cashless claims, the Third Party Administrator will assist with claims reimbursement process.

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