Monday, 29 August 2016

L&T General Insurance Company- Know more about it

Insurance is indeed an inventive modern game of chance!! In this innovative process, the player is given the liberty to enjoy the comfortable conviction in his own comfort zone. Well, insurance is a detailed concept and here in this piece of brief annotation we would like to draw your attention towards L & T General Insurance Company which is a remarkable entity and entirely owned subsidiary of one of the leading and top most companies namely Larsen and Tourbo Limited. It is been privileged for being in the world’s top most 50 respectable companies as mentioned in the June 2009 issue of the specific recognized Forbes Reputation Institute’s World’s Most Reputable Companies Survey.

Vision of the Company 

To make a comprehensive study of the company, let us firstly get acquainted with the vision of the company that can be summarized as below: -

They are striving hard to be an insurance company with the togetherness of three distinguished elements that are character, caliber and capability. 
They are dedicated to provision services close to perfection to their customers in the similar way as their parent Larsen and Tourbo Limited has been known for in various other fields of prominent services. 
They work in a dedicated team that serves it best to bring on to the table the components of financial strength, credibility and enhanced expertise that is cautiously backed by a privileged brand of world class honor and also seven decades of renowned leadership that is undoubtedly matchless in the industry. They work to tailor all the viable needs of the clientele and meet all the expectations of general and health insurance throughout the sphere of the entire country. 
Incorporating the elements of the incredible state-of-the-art technology, L & T Insurance Company is prominently walking on the path of success to bring about the deliverance of world class services that would set up an example for others to follow. 
They seek to invent a prominent technology driven platform that will bring about the integration of all the paramount key functions in order to provision flawless services to the loyal customers through any interface of their preferred interests and choices. 
Eventually, they very well know that is none other the people who will create an environment for the achievement of their vision. Comprising an array of leading top notch Insurance professionals, L&T General Insurance company has come together to create an amalgamation of both the experience and expertise so as to invent an entity, the leading warrior of which will be innovation. 

Values of the Company 

Now, let us shift your focus to the incredible values of the L & T General Insurance Company that has build up the wide spread business on the following promising values: -

Excellence: - The Company believes that in every particular task that they perform excellence should be an integral element in the same. They are dedicated towards raising the bar against the phenomenal benchmarks that have been set up by other stakeholders.
Integrity: - By bringing about the practice of the highest ethical standards, they take a pick of an elevated road so that the best possible services are provisioned to the clientele. 
Customer Centricity: - They are determined to cater to the needs as well as the expectations of the customers that may be stated or unstated. 
Innovation: - Bringing about innovative products, they not only support but embrace the element of creativity so that the efficient development of new  ideas, processes and products can be accomplished. 
Team Work: - While maintaining the component of individual accountability, they work in collaboration with each other so that the results are fruitful and respectable. 
Respect for Individual: - They treat the prospective and the existing customers in the most polite way as they very well know their value. They listen patiently and empathize while working on a deal with others. Paving way for trust and respect, they offer services that are both worthy of appreciation and remembrance. 

Prominent products of the Company

Home Insurance 
Motor Insurance 
Health Insurance
SME Insurance
Corporate Insurance.

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