Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Tata Aig and L&T General Insurance - Things you should know

A general insurance product provides safety to you and your expensive assets. It provides coverage against unfortunate events that can harm the policyholder or its property. These insurance policies help you financially during any type of emergency. There are different types of insurance products available in the market for example, travel, home, motor and health insurance policy. Tata AIG General Insurance and L&T General Insurance are the best insurance products in the Indian market. Read below some important information that you should known about both the insurance products:

Tata AIG General Insurance
Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd. was established with a joint venture between the Indian-based Tata Group and the American International Group (AIG) which is an American-based company. These respected business ventures are well-known in their fields. Since its start up in 2001, Tata AIG General has provided a wide range of products to its customers. It is famous for providing policies with multiple coverage and benefits that protects its customers. Their offerings vary from Motor to Home and Health insurance plans.

L&T General Insurance
L&T General Insurance Company Limited is a private insurance company which is a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited. The wide range of products by L&T General Insurance varies from Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance and Home Insurance. L&T General Insurance Company is a well known company that is a common household name in India. It was selected amongst the world’s Top-50 ‘Most Reputable Companies’ in June 2009. This world class company utilizes the best technology and human resources to provide real value to its customers. It has earned customers trust by providing multiple coverage and benefits and fulfilling its promises. It has different types of policies that provide different types of coverage to its customers. Let us see the type of insurance policies provided by Tata AIG General Insurance and L&T General Insurance.

Types of insurance policy provided under Tata AIG General Insurance and L&T General Insurance

Home Insurance
Home insurance policy provides protection to one of the most expensive asset that is to your home. It protects the home against any type of damage or loss incurred due to natural or man-made calamities. There are several unfortunate event that can cause extra expenses for example theft, damage due to any natural calamities such as earthquake, cyclone or tornado, etc. Home insurance policy under Tata AIG General Insurance policy and L&T General Insurance covers the expenses that incurred due to any miss happening.

Motor Insurance
Motor insurance policy covers against any such events that can harm the policyholder and its property there are different types of motor insurance policy, for example, car insurance and bike insurance plans which provides different types of coverage and benefits for example third party liability, personal accident and damage or loss to self vehicle due to any unfortunate events like accident.

Health Insurance
Health insurance policies are the most selling insurance products in the market. It provides protection to your life by providing the best medical assistance in case of medical emergency. The health insurance policy covers the cost of hospitalization in case of medical emergency. Tata AIG Health insurance policy and L&T Health insurance policy provides different kind of coverage and benefits to its policyholder, for example, it covers hospitalization expenses, tax benefits, pre and post hospitalization expenses.

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance policy is best for people who travel around the world frequently. The policy does not consider the purpose of the trip and covers all the extra expenses incurred due to event that disturbs the trip, for example, trip delay  or cancellation, loss of baggage or passport or medical emergency. Tata AIG Travel insurance and L&T Travel Insurance plan covers the extra cost of travelling incurred due to any such unfortunate events.

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