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Shriram General Insurance Features

Having insurance is a common thing these days. Before buying one just compares all the policies for better coverage. After selection one purchase Shriram General Insurance to protect every asset one possesses.

 If one has assets, then one would need protection for those from damages. Any damage to asset means it will take a toll on the financial part of a person. This is why one purchases General Insurance for appropriate protection.

There are various features of Shriram general insurance. One requires keeping those in their head before buying anything. Once this is sorted purchasing the appropriate insurance is not a problem at all. 

Various Protection Provided By Shriram General Insurance

The amount of coverage provided by Shriram General Insurance is enormous.  This is why people have the tendency to go for such excellent coverage plans. The coverage for different things is a need which every person needing insurance has in this world.

The various types of general insurance provided by plans of Shriram general insurance. So one must choose carefully to protect all of their investment.

Types of Shriram General Insurance

The types of policies provided by Shriram General Insurance is discussed below. This will help you in selecting all the correct insurance. These insurances are a lifesaver which allows one in when they need financial support most.

So in here, we will talk about motor insurance, house insurance, accidental insurance, etc. These three are the leading insurance which is provided by firms.

Motor or Vehicle Insurance

According to the government, this insurance is must for people who own a vehicle. Shriram General Insurance protects the owner from all damages related to cars. It provides coverage against:

     Car damage due to an accident
     Protection against any liability
     Protects car from disasters be it man-made or natural

There are different types of motor insurance for different types of vehicles. Separate policies are there for an individual for four wheeler cars, two-wheeled vehicles, and commercial vehicles. One can choose Shriram general insurance plan according to the type of vehicle.

Insurance Policies For Houses

Houses always have significant worth. This is why one should always get Shriram General Insurance for their home. It is the best way to keep that asset protected at times of distress.
Since it is an individual's ultimate treasured possession, it should have protection. Proper coverage can be given by having Shriram insurance schemes. So go through various protection plans to have the best one.

House insurance covers accidental damage to a house. It is protected against several disasters like flood, storm, burglary, earthquake, etc. It includes the house as well as the items inside the home.

Accidental Insurance For Individual And Group

In many ways, there is no certainty of life. So one tries to protect the future by having Shriram General Insurance. In times of uncertainty, insurance is what will go beyond your expectation to help you.

Accidents do take place anywhere and everywhere. House, roads, parks, etc. wherever accidents can happen. To protect one from such misfortunes, one needs Shriram insurance general policy.

There are four types of policies which one can have:

     Individual Plan
     Family or Group Floater Plan
     Surgery Cover
     Comprehensive Health Plan

One can choose whichever seems most appropriate to him. There are also other insurances which cover the rest of the assets. Those are also discussed in short.

Protection Against Fire Policy

Fire is a destructive element which can wreak havoc on people's  lives. This is why security against it is essential. Shriram General Insurance also has various opportunities which one can grab by purchasing a policy. Some policies are:

     Standard Fire Plans
     All Risk Industrial Policy
     Profit Loss for Fire Plan

To have complete protection from fire choose insurance from Shriram after careful comparison. 

Construction Insurance For Financial Safety

Construction sites are dangerous places. That is why Shriram General Insurance brings various policies for such purposes. It helps in covering the financial loss if any misfortunate events take place.

Certain Policies are:

     All Risk Contractors Insurance Plan
     All Risk Erection Insurance Plan
     Insurance for Electronic Equipment
     Coverage for Machinery breakdown
     Machinery and Plant Insurance

Along with these, cargo insurance plan is also provided for people looking for marine protection. So pick wisely when looking for schemes from Shriram policies.

Best Liability Plans 

Liability might occur any moment. So one should cover it beforehand by having Shriram General Insurance. Some of the plans under it are:

     Professional Indemnity
     General Commercial Liability
     Product Liability
     Act of Public Liability
     Workman Compensation Policy

There is a number of schemes available. An individual needs to go through various Shriram plans of general policy.

So compare before purchasing any schemes. Once sure about a plan then pay for Shriram General Insurance. 

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