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7 Basic General Insurance Principles

As everything in life is done by following certain principles, your insurer follows certain principles before giving you full compensation. Moreover, after opting for general insurance, you need to follow the insurance principles so that you get uninterrupted service from IFFCO Tokio General Insurance at the proper time.

When you are getting an IFFCO Tokio general insurance quote or applying for the primary insurance, you and your insurer must establish certain principles that can heighten the quality of service. 

Good Faith 

When you are going to an insurer for property insurance with full knowledge of the property, the insurer is not fully aware of the condition of the property at the same time. However, without even disclosing the history of the property, the insurer gives you the chance of signing the insurance contract.

This worked as both of you trusted on each other. The insurance only can work out if there is firm belief or trust between the two parties.   


The principle of indemnity is based on the evaluation of monetary loss as an insurer having a general insurance must not make a profit out of the loss. This is up to you how you will get your indemnity and following are the options,

Cash payment 

Suppose you have property insurance and you face a massive loss like the sudden destruction to the house. In this case, the highest amount that you can receive from the IFFCO Tokio general insurance online is the sum insured mentioned in general insurance policy. 


The contribution is interrelated to the principle of indemnity. The principle of contribution lets you claim the coverage to the particular degree of real loss from one policymaker or several insurers. If you get full coverage from one, then you can claim the compensation from other insurers as well. However, the principle is based on specific grounds including,

When you are applying for IFFCO Tokio general insurance online payment and other insurers, there must a common interest in every policy. 
There even needs to be a common subject in every policy. 
The effectiveness of the policy is required at the time of loss.  

Minimisation of Loss 

The aspect related to the minimisation of loss that you, being the insured, must try to minimise the risk of loss unless unfortunate events occur. IFFCO Tokio general insurance service can be obtained, but you as well need to take proper measures in predicted adverse events beforehand. 

You negligence leading to an accident will cause you havoc and may deprive you of getting the perks like IFFCO Tokio general insurance 0 down payment.


Georgina's car is crashed by reckless driving by a driver. Georgina having the  IFFCO Tokio General Insurance calls up the insurance company and then gets paid for the due financial coverage. In this case, the policymaker files a lawsuit against the driver for his negligence and wins the case.  

The insurance company then retains the money paid to Georgina and gives back the balance amount if only there is any.

This implies that the aspect of subrogation is exchanging one for another. However, the principle is only applied when the property or material has specific market value at the time of its damage.  

Nearest Cause

George has IFFCO Tokio General Insurance for a cargo ship. The ship was damaged due to the creativity of the rats and water entered from the sea in the boat. Now here are two culprits of loss that are rats and entry of water. 

In this case, the first case related to the rats is not insured, but the risk of water from the sea is insured. Now George will be given IFFCO Tokio general insurance payment based on the second cause.

Hence, Causa Proxima derived from Latin or popularly known as; nearest cause indicates that when you are making IFFCO Tokio general insurance claim for a loss that includes several objectives, then the closest reason to be taken for consideration to determine your liability.

Insurable Interest 

Insurable interest is one of the critical components of the IFFCO Tokio general insurance policy signed between you and your policymaker. The general insurance policy online is required to have this principle as the insured object that may be limb, life, property or right needs to be recognized by law. Following are the times the insurable interest needs to be present,

Its existence is vital at the foundation if the life insurance policy. However, the general insurance does not require following at the time of IFFCO Tokio general insurance online claim status. 
On the contrary of life insurance, the policy is necessarily required to be present at the time of claim of marine protection. However, it does not necessarily need to be followed at the time of the foundation of the claim.
In case of property insurance policy, IFFCO Tokio General Insurance follows this principle at the time of claim and establishment of the policy. 

If you are following these principles, then getting IFFCO Tokio general insurance policy renewal online won't be a burden for you. Moreover, understanding the principles, you can be more inclined to invest more in other policies.

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