Thursday, 17 August 2017

Advantages of Having a Star Health Insurance Plan

We have been growing up with the saying that “health is your wealth”.  With ever-increasing lifestyle diseases and sky-high medical costs, it has become vital to ensure the safety of your health. A medical emergency may cause a big hole in your pocket. Hereby, the financial experts say that having health insurance is a necessary asset to cease the financial burden.

Among the leading health insurance service providers, Star Health Insurance is a name worth taking when it comes to health insurance. When an ample amount of insurance companies introduced various health plans and got good responses from the customers, Star Health Insurance joined the race with unique star health insurance policies and blessed with an overwhelming response. Now it is one of the trusted names being taken into consideration! Let’s have a glance at the plans it offers:

Types of Star Health Insurance Plans

  • ·         Family Health Optima Insurance Plan
  • ·         Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Plan
  • ·         Start Comprehensive Insurance Plan
  • ·         Medi-classic Insurance Plan
  • ·         Start health Gain Insurance Plan
  • ·         Super Surplus Insurance Plan
  • ·         Star Unique Health Insurance Plan
  • ·         Diabetes Safe Insurance Plan
  • ·         Star Cardiac Care Plan
  • ·         Star Wedding Gift Insurance
  • ·         Star Micro Health insurance
  • ·         Star Net Plus
  • ·         Star Care Insurance Plan
  • ·         Star Criticare Plus Plan
  • ·         Star Family Delite Insurance Plan

Star Health Insurance plan Structure

Members Covered
Pre-existing Illness Cover
Hospitalisation Cost
Star Health insurance Plans
2 adults + 2 children
Insured will have to serve the waiting period of 4 years
Pre-hospitalisation cost for 30 days and post-hoso0
20% co-pay is applicable for age between 61-65 years

Benefits of Health Insurance Plans of Star Health Insurance

  • ·         In-house claim settlement directly, no intervene of third-party
  • ·         Fast and smooth claim settlement
  • ·         Avail medical facilities in more than 8200 network hospitals in India
  • ·         Maintain personal health record digitally.

Why You Should Buy a Health Insurance Plan

Because Your Employer’s Cover is not Sufficient

With ever rising medical expenses, the need for a health insurance plan can’t be ignored. Though your employer provides health insurance, the coverage offered may not be sufficient to deal with the required need. Medical emergencies may leave you bankrupt if not financially protected. Moreover, your employer will not cover you once you retired or resigned from the organisation. Think about your old age when you’ll require frequent medical check-ups.

Increase of Life-threatening Diseases

Various global and domestic organisations estimate that one out of every four Indians fall for life-threatening diseases before they enter the age 70. Unhygienic lifestyle led to the growing incidence of lifestyle disorders including cancer, stroke, cardiac arrest etc. which seek immediate attention. Health insurance policies offer regular check-ups to boost health awareness. Treatment for these illnesses is also expensive. In this scenario, health insurance is your only rescuer.

Tax Benefit

The most alluring benefit of a health insurance plan is you can save on tax. As per the Section 80D of Income Tax Act, the premium paid for your heal insurance plan is exempted from the tax deduction. As per the new budget 2017, the finance minister has increased the limit from Rs. 15,000 to 25,000. While the senior citizen can enjoy tax-benefit up to Rs. 30,000 on health insurance premium.

It Covers More than Hospitalisation

Health Insurance plans cover you for day care procedures and OPD, apart from the hospitalisation. Some plans cover vector borne diseases, maternity benefits that are the prominent concern these days. Also, you can add your newly born without paying any additional premium.

Health insurance has ample benefits, these are just a few of them. Considering these benefits, to deal with the ever rising medical inflation, one must have a health insurance plan. With Star Health Insurance, you can customise your need and plan accordingly. 

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